Fashion Abroad: Paris

I can’t emphasize enough on how fashionable this city is. Check out the latest street style snaps below:


1.) Shiona in a Sequined Ethnic Print Top, Wide Legged Blue Trousers, and a Pink Bag. 2.) Striped Sweater, Blue Skinny Jeans, and Black ROGER VIVIER Flats.

Kelli-Leigh says “I Am Here”

If you’re like us here at EY then you probably missed soul singer Kelli-Leigh‘s “I Am Here” EP launch party held at the Favela Chic in East London on Tuesday. It’s much better to enjoy her lives in person but watching the videos can make up for that a little. Check out Kelli’s performances of all the songs off her EP. My favorites are “I Am Here,” “Missing You,” and “Never Change.” Which is yours? Continue reading “Kelli-Leigh says “I Am Here””

What happens when you have ‘100’ members in a group?

By Kai

Okay well not exactly 100, I kind of exaggerated there a bit. But I think having a ton of members in one music group means each individual has to work like crazy to bring in the dough and to keep your position. So, what is my definition of too much? Well, if there’s more than 5 members then I consider that a packed group. And we all know where to find some of these gigantuous groups, don’t we? Of course, they exist only in Asia. Let’s check out some of the more popular ones: Continue reading “What happens when you have ‘100’ members in a group?”

[Review] Jimmy Cliff’s “Sacred Fire”

Album Cover

By Kai

Released: November 29, 2011

I pity the soul unaware of Jimmy Cliff and his thought provoking music. This artist is a legend and truly a rare gift to the industry. Cliff has made his long awaited comeback with the “Sacred Fire” EP to satisfy his anticipating fans, and after one listen you’ll come to terms with the fact that this man still has what it takes to make you stop and think. His songs speak the truth; there’s no escaping the conscious aspect of the lyrics. Jimmy gives us roots reggae so effortlessly, and without a doubt I’m left in awe by the solid delivery of “Sacred Fire.” I can’t help but demand a full length album to be released next, but then again Mr. Cliff ceases to disappoint.  Continue reading “[Review] Jimmy Cliff’s “Sacred Fire””

I wish to “Remain Nameless”

Florence + The Machine had this really addictive track on the deluxe version of their “Ceremonials” album and I just had to post it here as the Song of the Day. Since hearing “Remain Nameless” for the very first time, I’ve been unable to forget or even stop listening to the song. It completely took over my soul and I’m not sure I want it to go away. This is a sensual and passionate track; a little more on the urban, electropop side but this band is experimental so nothing surprises me. Listen and enjoy, then continue to see my interpretation: Continue reading “I wish to “Remain Nameless””

2011 British Fashion Awards Arrivals

The Annual British Fashion Awards was held in central London’s Savoy Hotel on Monday, and aside from the night’s biggest winners, the event also brought out some big names in the fashion and entertainment industry alike (too bad I don’t know who most of them are). Check out some of the pics below:

   Continue reading “2011 British Fashion Awards Arrivals”

[Review] IU’s “Last Fantasy”

By Kai

Korea’s sweetheart isn’t exactly my cup of tea, and by that I mean I’ve never ever listened to her music before. But with the lack of originality these days I became more inclined to listen to whatever it is that’s different. You know, just to expand my interests. IU has returned with her second album “Last Fantasy,” and boy do the songs live up to the title. Her sound is completely distinctive and immeasurable; from mythical elements to blissful balladry and candy sweet dreamy numbers, best believe that “Last Fantasy” captured all the substantial meaning required in delivering a solid work of art. I’ve already listened to the entire thing, hence my decision to write a full review. So, without any hesitation, allow me to spread my influence on you by reading this track-by-track review: Continue reading “[Review] IU’s “Last Fantasy””

Stars face-off: Blake, Sofia & Nicole

   Blake Lively in a slim Elie Saab suit and pave jewelry. Sofia Vergara stepped out in a gold Roberto Cavalli design. Diamond Le Vian earrings, a studded Lemaresca clutch and metallic peep-toes completed the look. Nicole Richie unveiled the House of Harlow 1960 pop-up shop in the label’s edgy accessories and a sequin Halston dress. Continue reading Stars face-off: Blake, Sofia & Nicole

[Review] The Saturdays’ “On Your Radar”

‘On Your Radar’ - OUT TODAY!

By Kai

My initial impression of The Saturdays was a group that delivered soulful, soft rock, sensual pop music. I had no idea they’d be a modern day electropop, dance act. Anyways, fast forward to the present and you’ll learn of their ten top 10 singles and an ever growing international fan base of devoted fans. Indeed it’s fair to say they’ve achieved moderate success since their debut in 2008 with “If This Is Love.” However, my only memory of this group is 2010’s “Missing You.” And now, putting all those accomplishments in their homeland aside, has The Saturdays managed to deliver a solid return with their 3rd studio album “On Your Radarand possibly get the attention of the rest of the world? Only a review will tell. Continue reading “[Review] The Saturdays’ “On Your Radar””

BoA has reached a “Milestone”

The asian superstar has been in the industry for 10 years now, and she has certainly come a long way since her debut at 13. Also, celebrating her 25th birthday on November 5 was icing on the cake, being that she’s accomplished a great deal by such a young. BoA will be releasing a CD+DVD singles album on December 7 as a commemoration of her anniversary. The package, appropriately titled “Milestone,” will include the heartwarming ballad, “I SEE ME,” and the BEST&USA version of “Merikuri.” The DVD consists of the making of as well as the music video for “Milestone,” along with a special 10th anniversary film. Seems like a really sweet gift for her fans so why not support the artist by purchasing the single here. Check out the video below and tell us what you think: Continue reading “BoA has reached a “Milestone””

Violence on TV: when exactly does “Love” come into play?

Fact: with the amount of violence portrayed on television these days, why pay to watch a boxing or wrestling match. It seems that if reality shows don’t display some sort of brawl they’ll be deemed as boring. It’s never acceptable to get physical in conflicts, but I’m even more appalled at grown people who should be acting like mature adults, and even parents, demonstrate such poor and inexcusable behavior on national TV. It certainly goes both ways but I’m aiming this post particularly on the women. Whatever happened to class and sophistication? Such attributes fly right out the window when Continue reading “Violence on TV: when exactly does “Love” come into play?”

Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one

It was just too perfect. I know many have felt that way in the past about a relationship and usually that’s the main reason why it falls apart. Sometimes perfect becomes comfortable, and safe; perfect inevitably leads to boredom. There’s nothing spontaneous happening and you begin to lose interest. He/she seemed like the right one at the time but after letting them go you come to terms with the fact that maybe they really weren’t. Now that you’ve had time to carefully think about the past and where the relationship went wrong, you can start developing logical reasons as to why it really wasn’t Continue reading “Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one”

Christina Perri enchants us in “A Thousand Years”

The lady Perri became widely known, at least to me, as a woman singing about getting over a bad romance and telling off her ex in her empowering yet depressing single “Jar of Hearts,” so It’s always a pleasure to hear her singing songs about the sweetness of love. Christina’s latest release, “A Thousand Years,” has me in awe. I absolutely love the song and … Continue reading Christina Perri enchants us in “A Thousand Years”

[Review] Florence + The Machine’s “Ceremonials”

By Kai

Florence Welch has always looked wickedly intriguing to me. Her songs are otherworldly, encompassing unimaginable depth and substance. The one that piqued my interest the most was 2008’s “Dog Days Are Over,” but to be honest, I never took the time to check out her other stuff until now. Florence has once stated that she wants her music to sound like throwing yourself out of a tree, or off a tall building, or as if you’re being sucked down into the ocean and you can’t breathe. I don’t know whether I should be frightened or fascinated by that but it certainly makes you want to listen to what she has to offer. “Ceremonials” is the second release from Florence + the Machine and I can tell you right off that the music truly overwhelms you with emotions. The sound is completely different from the usual, and that makes it so interesting. While I’m not exactly a fan of the spooky kind, I can appreciate a good work of art if it appears to be so. Continue reading “[Review] Florence + The Machine’s “Ceremonials””