[Exclusive] Breanne Düren on life, music & the future

Breanne Elizabeth Dürenberger aka Breanne Düren is a singer and songwriter who received recognition for her work with electronic group Owl City. However, it’s her own music that’s creating a buzz in the industry. Breanne sings about her personal experiences and other issues, reaching the hearts of listeners and giving them something to think about. Her soft and soothing voice is as sweet as candy. When Breanne starts singing, you just have to stop and take it in, because she’s that remarkably talented. From soccer player to musician, Düren is definitely destined to be a star. 

Check out her music video for “No One Else,” and read our exclusive interview to learn more about Breanne below:


EY: Tell us where you’re from and how was it growing up.

BD: I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN called Apple Valley. I had three siblings and we were very close. We were all creative in our own ways, and our parents were very supportive of this. They let each of us explore our interests and talents and that kind of support has absolutely helped shaped the artist and person I am today.


EY: At what point in your life did you realize that music was what you wanted to pursue?

BD: I knew early on that I had a passion for music. I was so young that I can’t remember the moment I made the decision that music was what I wanted to pursue; the interest was just always there. (Also, my short-lived season on the community soccer team as a child confirmed that music was clearly what I did best).


“While my songwriting and musical style is always shifting and transforming, my main and most unique instrument is my voice.”


EY: How did you get the chance to record with Owl City?

BD: I met Adam Young (Owl City) through a mutual friend who was helping Adam find a female vocalist to feature on a couple tracks for his second independent release, Maybe I’m Dreaming, in 2008. It was certainly a fateful meeting, as I later became part of his touring live show, which I have been doing now for the past two years. I am extremely grateful for all of it!


EY: Describe your own musical style and what separates it from the rest.

BD: I make pop music that is organic and heartfelt. While my songwriting and musical style is always shifting and transforming, my main and most unique instrument is my voice. No matter the style of the song, I always try to make my vocals the focus and the storyteller.


EY: Who’d you say are some of your biggest influences?

BD: I am very influenced by female artists with unique voices, from all eras – Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday, Adele, Ellie Goulding…

EY: I really liked your “Sparks” EP. What inspired the songs?

BD: Thank you! “Sparks” was inspired by the excitement of my first year on tour with Owl City. Everything about the experience was fresh and new and incredible. That innocence and fascination translated into each song on the EP, whether lyrically or musically.


EY: And what were you hoping that people would get from the EP?

BD: A glimpse into who I am as an artist, and who I was at the very moment the EP was created, which was an important time in my life.


EY: Tell us about your [upcoming] debut album, in terms of the musical direction and lyrical content?

BD: The album that I am currently writing is definitely a reflection of the growth that I have experienced over the past year. I have been challenged in relationships, work, my own expectations for myself, and so on. I’ve also wrestled with many questions about who I am and what my future looks like. All these ideas and emotions are pouring into the new material.


EY: How did you find time to write while being on tour?

BD: There is ample down-time on tour, and I try to use those moments to journal or work on new song ideas. So that results in many songs written in airports and green rooms! *

EY: When it comes to performing on stage, what are some factors that contribute to you putting on a good show?

BD: Making a sincere connection with the crowd; what is so cool about tour is that while I’m playing the same set every night, the crowd is completely different. They’re seeing the show for the first time and distinguishing a unique interaction with each crowd is what makes every night exciting, and ultimately makes me a better performer.


EY: What’s next for you, are you working on anything as of the moment?

BD: I am currently wrapping up a 6-month tour with Owl City, so I am looking forward to having some time at home with my family for the holidays, and to start the recording process of my upcoming full-length! I can’t wait to start creating in a studio again (see: *airports, green rooms)!!


EY: Thanks so much for taking the time. Please leave a message for your fans.

BD: Infinite thanks to the fans! You keep me grounded and motivated!


For more information on Breanne, visit the following links:





(Purchase the singer’s music now on iTunes)

Image credits: Collin Hughes & Zach McNair

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