The side chick wants more commitment?

A few days ago I stopped by a Dunkin Donuts on my way home to get a cup of my favorite Vanilla Chai tea. While waiting anxiously for this sweet beverage to be served to me, I couldn’t help notice the very interesting conversation going on between two friends at a table further right from where I was standing. Not that I was ease dropping, but they made it loud enough so that even the person who could care less was hearing every single detail of their obvious inappropriate lifestyle.

Usually I’d be out of that place in seconds, but their conversation piqued my interest so much that I decided to hang around and have my snack there. So, what was it that made me so curious? Well, apparently one of the friends, a hot brunette, was telling the other friend, a plain Jane (no offense), that she wanted more commitment from her lover. That’s only expected if you’re in a serious relationship, right? But what was so interesting was the fact that she wanted more commitment from a man who was supposed to be committed to his wife. That’s right! The chick was fooling around with a married man and had the audacity to demand more of his investment into their affair. “Is he planning on leaving his wife? her friend asked. “He hasn’t made that clear was her reply. Are you kidding me? She’s getting all boiled up over a guy who shows no sign of ending his marriage (usually they don’t) to be with her and yet she’s there waiting for him to be more open with their relationship. Girl please, you aint nothing but a side chick. That is never gonna happen.

As they continue in their deep and intense discussion, I kept thinking to myself, why is she wasting her time on this guy? Mind you she’s a beautiful woman who looked like she could get any guy she wanted, single that is, so I couldn’t quite figure out why she’d get caught up with a married man. Her friend seemed just as puzzled as I was as to why she was dating this guy. Then our questions were answered. “I didn’t know he was married when we met at the lounge, and I’m so in love with him now that I can’t find the strength to end it.” This is often the case with side chicks. Sometimes people blame them but you have to look at the man as well. He holds some responsibility in cheating on his wife/girlfriend, and usually the mistress doesn’t even know he’s married because he failed to mention that one particular and very important detail. And they usually take their rings off so you can’t always judge these ladies for getting mixed up with them.

Still, I’m not ‘siding’ with the side chick. If you know the man you’re dating is married, please end it. It might hurt but you’ll be causing a lot more pain for someone else; his wife, and possibly children. If their marriage ends, let it not be your doing. I implore you, end it before it further develops and if it does get deeper by the time he confesses that he’s actually married then dig deep for the strength to distance yourself from him even though it will cause you heartache. A relationship that starts in deceit will never work. That’s just my opinion.

What do you think?

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