$30,000 Hermes Birkin Bag

Can somebody please explain to me for the love that is all holy and sanctified why on earth anybody would splurge$30,000 on a handbag? A bag whose roots are in some sweatshop in China. Where wages are below all of the 50 states minimum wages for a piece of handbag.

I was over at yahoo and there was an article talking about the Kardashian Kollection being  knock offs. I rarely post on fashion, because I’m very much inept in that department when it comes to trends, I’d rather much go against the grain. So when I saw the price tag on a Hermes Birkin bag for $30,000 I literally screamed. Where do they do this at?! I needs to get with the program. Clearly this is normal as I have never ever heard an Occupy#Hermes protest . I’m truly disengaged from the world of oppulence and high life. I’ve heard of Hermes but never knew the price tag

So going back to the China sweatshops, turns out that my assumptions were wrong. Dead wrong. The Birkin bags are delicately handmade in France.  The craftsmanship is top notch and takes 48 hours for one bag to be created.  Price range is $9000-$150,000.

Hold up, wait a minute….$150,000 for a bag?! Dude if somebody stole my Hermes, best believe I’m checking into a rehab! I just can’t with this bag. Matter of fact, I would have it plastered over my body. Meaning that when I’m taking a shower it’s with me, when I’m on the bus with the crazies they can’t snatch it. I’ll go out of my way to make sure that my Hermes is wait, wait. INSURED. It can be insured right?!

EY lovers please help me understand this phenomenon. why would anybody in their right mind splurge $30,000 plus on an fashion item that they can’t take to the grave?! Oh I’ll be taking mine with me to the grave, or I’ll come back to haunt somebody….snaps all around!

4 thoughts on “$30,000 Hermes Birkin Bag

  1. It’s dumb and dumber of the women who ‘must’ have these bags as an extension of egos that are none existent. Someone will create status items as long as insecure women are around to buy them.

  2. i wouldn’t say i’d pass on an hermes bag given as a gift. i love the simplicity and quiet opulence of the birkin. however, i think i’d be at that point in my life when poverty and hunger all over the world no longer bothers me to plunk $30K on a bag. i love bags and the level of quality you can get from hermes but i just know that my conscience won’t keep quiet.

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