For Thought: Woman assaulted by naked ex-boyfriend?

As serious as this may be, I couldn’t help but laugh when I first read the news on the Jamaica Star website, my new found addiction. Apparently, a Jamaican woman told the courts on Monday that she had awoken after having her underwear ripped off and her ex-boyfriend, naked, was on top of her. She said that her ex was being cleverly evasive when law enforcement tried to capture him after she had filed a complaint few days prior to the assault, and within the time period of him hiding out from the police, he spent those days terrorizing her and her 11 year old son; disconnecting the lights from her home, and scaring her with a gun. She also stated that the man had been sending her death threats since he’s been captured.

The accused is being charged with unlawful wounding, assault with intent to rape, and assault causing bodily harm. He’ll remain in custody until December 5. And with all that’s been said against him, one could only wonder what this man had to say for himself. In his defense, he told the court that the woman was lying and in fact, she was the one terrorizing him and preventing his relatives from entering their home. How contrary? Why was she preventing his people from coming to their house?  If that’s true I’m rather curious about that particular matter.

The woman further explained that the whole ordeal started after she relinquished ties with him due to his gambling habits. She had apparently stopped giving him money to operate his business because he was only wasting it away. Therefore, that ignited his anger and is the main reason why he’s out to get her.

For some reason I’m moving more towards her story than his. Her story seems much more legit, and the reason behind his attack seems logical because those things have happened. On the other hand, his defense is kinda weak and I’m not buying it. I’m pretty sure neither is the judge. But I would like to keep up with this case and see the ending results.

What do you think? Is she telling the truth, or is the man innocent?

Source: Jamaica Star

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