Ramblings :Kanye’s Clone, twin Iunno?!

His name is Childish Gambino and he sounds exactly like Kanye West.  

Yeezy said he is the shit and urine, this kid says his dick is made of carrots *blank stare* in his Freaks and Geeks presentation. (listen to mark 2.28-2.30).  His play with words is astonishingly healthy, won’t be sending you to pukeatomia a la Kanye’s aforementioned declarations.

I’ve listened to the whole song and I’m like he must be in love with his third leg. He mentions it sparingly-guess that’s where the freak part comes from.

my dick is too big there is a big bang theory….

Sigh! The production is very Kanyesque and sound wise it is a mash up of Jesus walks and Run This Town

One youtube comment solidified this man’s status as a legend.

You’ve always been been my idol since I found you in 5th grade. I’ve heard every Gambino song ten times and memorized almost every one. You’re the artist I listen to when I have a bad day at school. I just wanted to say thanks.


Clearly, he must be making an impact to be crowned a legend and a pick me upper.

This post is random as all hell, but it is because I’m hella confused about this Gambino dude. Talk to me EY lovers. Yay or Nay?

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