The Braxtons are back and so is the ‘Family’ drama

So, with all the excitement the first season of Braxton Family Values brought forth, I was definitely anticipating the second. And the first episode certainly delivered. The second season shows new development in each of the characters lives, except for Andre, he’s still living with Towanda and hasn’t had a book published yet. This is starting to make me think that maybe he doesn’t have any intentions of turning his life around. I mean, what kind of man feels comfortable about living with his wife’s sisters. He’s done it in the first season with Toni, and now he’s back doing the same thing with Trina. No uhh…Andre needs to get-it-together dot com.

Speaking of my excentric girl, Tamar has been taking advantage of all the opportunities coming her way due to the show’s success. Girl has been getting deals left, right, and center. And there’s also talk about her releasing her solo album. That issue seems to be bothering everyone else, especially Traci, because they were hoping she’ll record the family album first. Whatever! They need to work that s**t out.Β 

Overall, it was a great premiere. There was drama right off: Toni was apparently dating her ex-husband Kerry Lewis after moving to LA, and Trina and Gabe are still having squabbles. We need to pray for those two. Anyways, I think the biggest highlight of the season premiere was hearing Ms. E cuss out Tamar, “If you ever disrespect me again like that, I’ll slap the piss outta you.” Woot~woot!!Β If ya’ll missed the first episode, which I can’t understand why you would, check it out on YouTube.

What did you think about the first episode, and what are you looking forward to this season?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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