“Snow White” with a twist

Charlize Theron becomes an evil queen, while Kristen Stewart continues her addiction to fantasy roles in the new movie “Snow White & The Huntsman.” The best thing about this film, besides the otherworldly magic, is the fact that hottie Chris Hemsworth has a starring role, Theron’s looking all witchy, and Snow White isn’t necessarily a helpless damsel, she’s actually fighting as well. The filmΒ hits theatres summer 2012. It’s a long wait and to be honest, I doubt it will be worth it. Anyways, now that the trailer’s out and creating buzz, tell us what you think. In my opinion, Stewart is not ‘fairer’ than Charlize.Β 

Credit:Β snowwhiteandthehuntsman.com

One thought on ““Snow White” with a twist

  1. I wasn’t expecting to like that trailer as much as I do.. Charlize Theron will make an EXCELLENT Evil Queen indeed! I’m totally impressed!

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