Dear EY: “Is there such a thing as the right diet?”

One avid EY reader has sent in an article based on her past experiences with dieting. Like many, she has dealt with and continues to address issues surrounding her weight and how not having the ‘perfect’ body has affected her life. Read the entire article below to learn how she’s overcome the disappointment of having several failed attempts, as well as how she’s starting a new:


“Is there such a thing as the right diet?”

By SassyJcan

Well, ever since I can remember, I’ve been fat. Some might say overweight, but I consider myself fat. The first time I went on a diet, I was 12 years old. I didn’t want to go to High school wearing a 2x-large uniform or having acne breakouts so I decided that I would only eat dinner in the evenings. That never worked, as soon as I saw sweets, my mouth started to water. I just could not resist the temptation of eating.

I had a horrible high school experience, all due to the fact that I was fat. I was never liked by any boy in school. I was always considered the pretty little “fat one” by my friends. And because of that I hated school. I had a serious problem with attendance and punctuality because I was always uncomfortable with the way that I looked. I never wanted to attend any function that caused me to be out of my uniform as I didn’t want my schoolmates to stare or pass judgments about my weight.

After leaving 6th form in high school I was home for almost 1 year. That year I lost over 50 pounds, don’t ask me how because I don’t know how I did it. I guess the fact of not having somewhere to go for 9 months kind of gets to you, hence the weight change. I didn’t consider myself as being on a diet; I was just lost in an illusion as to what I was going to do with the rest of my life. So altogether I was weighing almost 200 pounds during my high school years, but somehow by the beginning of my freshman year in college I was weighing somewhere in the region of 140-150 pounds, pretty amazing when I honestly wasn’t on any diet.

My college years were the best time I ever had in my entire life. I spent three years at one of the nations leading teachers’ college in my country, and I never regretted one minute of it. I can say partly because I didn’t have the beauty of having to worry about any boys being around (because it was an all girl school), and no one was watching what you looked like. I enjoyed it very much. I had the freedom to do what I wanted but for some reason I occupied myself with sports and martial arts. Even though I was the most active I had been for all my life, I still managed to pack back on all the weight that I lost after high school. When I left college in my third year, I was weighing what I weighed during my high school years. It was then that I decided that I had to do something about my weight problem. So then, I went to the doctor and he gave me weight loss pills that I started taking. I also enrolled myself in a gym and also started eating healthy. Altogether I lost about 30 pounds in 3 months, that wasn’t bad and also, I got into the most amazing shape of my life…It was then that I met my husband. And because I was so pre-occupied with him and my new job teaching, I stopped taking care of myself. Then amazingly, on came back all the weight that I worked so hard for 3 months to lose. I managed to keep that same body weight for 4 years now, until I became pregnant. I gained a total of 30 more pounds to go with the pregnancy. After my daughter was born I lost all that weight so now I stand at 180 pounds… I have decided that I really need to do something about myself. But what should I do, since I’ve tried all the diets, healthy and bad alike? But all came back with similar results…the weight comes back right away…

So I wasted a good portion of my salary on some herbal life weight management product and I gained 5 pounds can you believe that? I was talking to a neighbor and she shared similar sentiments that weight loss or weight management isn’t a one time thing; it is a life long crisis that needs to be handled for as long as you are around. Like me, she has also given up on the malicious injustice of cruel manufacturers ideas of weight management products. I realize that I’m a certain weight and I acknowledged that no matter what I do I will not be a skinny blond that you see on posters or on TV. I will continue to do what I do best and that is be myself. I acknowledge that I am fat and I will stay that way no matter how hard I try to lose weight….

But I am going to try this thing for one last time. According to my neighbor, taking two-three tablespoon of apple cedar vinegar in at least 8 ounces of water twice per day can significantly help to reduce or control the weight. She swears by it. And now, here is something that you don’t see on television or hear about on the news. So I decided to Google Apple Cider Vinegar and the effects of it. It turns out that the limited amounts of people who have tried this have actually seen results. So, here I am one week after trying the ACV, and guess what? I have actually lost 5 pounds without even changing my diet. I ate my dinner after 7 at nights; I drank sugary juice, and I still managed to lose weight. Well, here is something that finally works but how long will this last for? Who knows let us wait and see.

I’ve never heard of the Apple Cider Vinegar diet before but it seems to be working for some (I just did a quick research). SassyJcan, we wish you all the best on your journey, and I’m positive it will lead to success for you. Thank you for sending us your personal story.

Leave your thoughts on SassyJcan’s story below, and if you’ve ever tried the Apple Cider Vinegar diet or if you’re thinking about trying it.

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5 thoughts on “Dear EY: “Is there such a thing as the right diet?”

  1. Weight and the loss of it is a very sensitive topic. It’s one of those topics that I’m always left scratching my head. We can certainly recommend do this do that…it’s easy very, very easy. But I think the most important thing to be is being at peace with self even at whatever size and working towards a goal peacefully without always being critical of self. Love thyself and everything will fall into place. Cottamn! Don’t I just sound like Oprah?!

  2. Dieting is a way of life, you must have a stick-to-it-tiveness way about it (staying the course).
    Remember its not what you eat but how and when you eat.I don’t have the experience of SassyJcan except for my babyfat that didn’t stay with me.
    My advice to SassyJcan is be disciplined, don’t eat when you are hungry or else you will eat everything insight, plan your meal and curve your eating habbit, you can eat the icecream, the chocholate cake and bar and the fried chicken and keep off the weight.
    Drink water before eating and watch those inbetween meals and late night snacks and the best advice of all EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE.
    I heard that cabbage soup is very good also you might want to try it.

    Good luck sassyJcan

  3. I believe that these dietary supplements only work for a limited time and the manufacturers of the products don’t want us (their potential customers) to know about the after effects.

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