Househusbands: IMO

Dear Househusbands,

Find a job.  I know we are in  the 21st century and gender roles, which I truly believe are a social construct allow for men to be househusbands. That’s all good and fine with me. But brothers taking care of the kids, cooking and perfuming the home while I’m out busting my ass trying to put a roof over our heads ain’t cutting it. No sir! Not when we are getting  evicted.

Where the hell is this coming from?! Blame it on Towanda Braxton’s husband. Lawwd have mercy!

Like an epiphany it just dawned on me, that Towanda is enabling his behavior. Ya’ll should  know from a series of posts done here that we love watching the Braxtons.  That brother is always glued to his laptop, typing away furiously about some novels that never  see the light of day. Meanwhile Towanda, is out there hustling and grinding to pay the bills.  Some of ya’ll in his defense might say, but he is taking care of the kids. Which is awwwww and cute, but again not when you are getting evicted. He needs to supplement her income.

OOOOOOwi…I just watched the episode where they were evicted from their house and had to move in with Trina and he asked Trina’s husband for milk! I put my head down in shame for that one. A grown man who is physically able and capable of finding a job to take care of his family asking for milk? Please do not bring up the economic crisis. Nah! He’s been househusbanding for a good enough amount of time, and she’s been urging him to reconsider his “career” moves. Clearly he is very content just being a father.

Househusbands, that right there is fucked up! Yes, I said it. It is a doggone shame. It needed to be said.  I understand that he is a career writer-whatever that means. But tough times call for sacrifice. It is clear for all and sundry to see that if he were chipping in, their financial status would improve ten fold! It would be like manna falling from heaven if ever he decided to step outside of his comfort zone-typing.

I have the utmost respect for housewives and househusbands.  But listen folks, I will not respect any man who thinks his only responsibility is being a father and has misplaced priorities.  The kids need to eat, so does he…so hello?! Between become a full fledged author and taking care of family, we should know what should come first.

He needs to find a job, or get a publishing deal for those books he keeps writing about.  Asking for milk from another man?! The nerve!

My thoughts, what are yours my EY lovers?


2 thoughts on “Househusbands: IMO

  1. I strongly believe that it’s better for the woman to stay at home than the man. So Yes! i agree with this post. I couldn’t respect my man if he didn’t work and i was taking care of everything by myself. Hell no he wouldn’t get a single dollar from me if he asked.

  2. I feel the same way towards men staying home as everyone feels towards women staying home: they shouldn’t do it.

    If women today are told that they have to have their own careers and be independent and not financially dependent on their spouse, then men should be told the same thing. If we don’t believe in “gender roles” then we should tell men exactly the same thing we have been telling women for the past 50 years: you must have a career and earn an income.

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