[Exclusive] VV Brown’s giving us “Odd Pop”

Vanessa Brown, aka VV,  is bringing her fusion of pop, rock, soul, and r&b elements to music lovers worldwide. It’s “odd pop,” as she’s described it. Her style is different and definitely incomparable. What aroused my interest in this talented artist is how she’s managed to captivate audiences with not only her fresh musical abilities, but with her retro style as well. Watch out world, there’s a singer, songwriter, producer, model, and budding fashionista coming at ya!

Watch her latest music video “Children” below, purchase the single now on iTunes, then continue on to learn more about this awesome artist:


EY: Tell us a little about your background and how music became apart of your life.

VV: I became obsessed with instruments and sound. I followed the signs and ended up here.


EY: Describe your sound.



EY: Who are some of your musical influences?

VV: Aretha Franklin, B52″S, The flaming Lips, The Clash, Little Dragon


“I think I’m less serious about things and have learnt about the spaces in music and the beauty of simplicity.”


EY: You once said My music felt like it was going into a quagmire of self doubt and complete hell. I was lost in a flood of tears and blinding love and felt like a complete piece of nothing. Can you explain that statement further?

VV: I think I was quite mellow dramatic back then… 8) When I read that quote back then I felt very emo, silly and young in my thinking 8) slightly pretentious: oh dear. I think I was just learning who I was and going through the motions of growing up. Life seemed tragic. Now I realize I was just growing.


EY: What was the concept behind your debut albumTravelling like the Light?”

VV: A broken heart.


EY: How does your upcoming sophomore album, “Lollipops & Politics,” differ from your previous and what can we expect to hear?

VV: It’s more political and doesn’t touch on the concepts of love much. It’s a much more consistent album, production wise, and doesn’t have any retro themes. It’s much more pop. Pop with a message. I collaborated with Bjorn who is a genius, (lykili) Evan Bogart, who wrote Beyonce’s “Halo,” and Chuck Harmony. I learnt a lot from these amazing musicians.

EY: Tell us about your latest single “Children.” What inspired the song?

VV: I was concerned about the state of our youth and generation. The world seems so frustrated at the moment. Hence the lyrics:  “buildings come crumbling right to the ground, If I had my way Id give everything I had, Walking down penny lane what of pot of gold, follow the rainbow to the end of the road,” Its a song of hope and the ice cream truck is a symbol of the “Youth”.  Where is our youth going? What are the values within our youth, how is the economy and our perception within media effecting our youth? Is there hope? It’s a twisted song expressing hope and a political message.


EY: As an artist, how would you say you’ve evolved over the years?

VV: I’ve become patient, learnt to accept that things happen when they happen. I think I’m less serious about things and have learnt about the spaces in music and the beauty of simplicity. I’ve learnt to learn, listen and trust. 


EY: I found out that you’ve also written for other artists as well. How challenging is it to write for others as oppose to writing your own songs?

VV: It’s fun writing for other artists. It’s a good way to learn about yourself, stretch your knowledge and understand the brain of other artists. Diversity is always a beautiful thing.


“I would want to really commit before becoming a designer so that I can be respected in the fashion community.”


EY: Besides being an entertainer you’re also an avid supporter of several charities. What is it that motivates you to get involve with these causes?

VV: Things are bigger than yourself. This industry can make you consumed with “the self” it’s important to give and get out of your own brain and remember the world is more than music. 


EY: You’ve been working on a graphic novel called “The City of Abacus.” Can you give us some details about that and when it’ll be available to the public?

VV: Hopefully 2012 but we have no idea really if I be honest, we are taking our time. The book is finished finally though and we have a literacy agent now so, it’s all about waiting on those publishing deals! 


EY: I just love your vintage inspired style. Would you ever consider being a fashion designer?

VV: Most definitely! But I think I would have to do an internship with a fashion house to truly learn and gain credibility and true knowledge in fashion, the logistics and academia side. I would want to really commit before becoming a designer so that I can be respected in the fashion community. I do a lot of collaboration with designers already and I’m learning a lot from them as they are on my Design agency. vvvintage.com


EY: What’s next for VV Brown?

Touring, new album “Lollipops and Politics” drops next year, and vvvintage.com which re-launches in December.


Images by Paul Kalirai 


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