It’s full “Time,” so I hope RaNia isn’t just teasing


RaNia created a lot of hype leading up to their debut, due to the fact that Teddy Riley (skilled producer but kind of washed up) produced their first single “Dr. Feel Good.” Unfortunately, I hated that song and the video. It just came off so overly sexed; like an audition for the adult industry. To be honest, had it not been for the members display of individual talent I wouldn’t have paid the group any further attention. And their other song, “Masquerade,” was so much better. Trust!

So what brought me back to the group at this point in time? Well, they’re about to make a comeback and have recently unveiled a video teaser with what seems to be their title song. I’m crossing my fingers that “Time To Rock Da Show” is going to be the actual lead track and not some teaser to get people riled up. I detest when companies do that and the song used won’t even be included on their EP. i.e. SNSD. The teaser didn’t reveal much except for a dark concept and flashes of the girls holding canes. Besides that, the beat is just sick and has me anticipating the rest of the song and mv. Check it out below and tell us what you think of the quick tease.

Credit: 0012sin

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