Letting love go

Sometimes no matter how deeply u love someone, u realize that the most loving thing u can do is let them go because really all u want is for them to be happy, successful, & glorify the God u both love.

Your love doesn’t ever change but your choices do because u want what’s best for them(now & for Eternity) even if it’s not u. Your heart may yearn for them & miss them like mad, but setting them free to fly is more important. True love requires sacrifice & never ends..it’s always with u.

I came across this beautiful quote came from a youtube commenter while listening to Tyrese’s I miss you like mad. It had an air of purity and unadulterated emotion that I appreciated. Love is a beautiful thing as it evokes different kinds of emotions, even death. This  is evidenced when Tyrese croons about dying from the miss of his lady’s touch. Clearly, love has people losing their damn mind, which is A-OK.  But for real that line had me at GFOH, my 72bpm coming to an abrupt end because of  love?! Where they do that at?

Going back to the quote, my immediate reaction to it was why let  go of love when you truly want to embrace it? I figured the only reason why anyone would let go of love is because it is not reciprocated. Otherwise why would anyone set them free to fly, only for the nest to become cold, uncomfortable and unfamiliar. 

She provided her reasons about letting love go. I challenged them respectfully so because I still do not understand why you would let love go can somebody provide me with more perspective. Please and thanks. 

What say you my EY lovers?!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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