My boyfriend, my hero…hopefully

My girls and I are always having discussions about the kind of qualities we look for in men. Often times we say he has to be determine, ambitious, kind, attractive, and the list goes on. But what I hope for above all the other attributes, yes even before hotness, is courage. Lord knows I do not want a sissy. And if a man acts cowardly in times where his strength is required, need be physical, mental, or emotional, then that will affect my overall image of him. To be honest, it would ruin even the first impression that was obviously good if I’m dating him. 

I’ve gotten all riled up over this issue after watching a ridiculous sci-fi flick with this couple in the woods. Apparently, the young lovers were out by a lake when some atrocious creature popped up out of nowhere and scared the shit out of them. That’s how it’s supposed to go, you might say, but what bothered me the most, and it’s not the idiotic script or the bad acting, was how the chicken ass dude sprinted off like he was competing in the Olympics, leaving his beloved girlfriend behind. In such a situation, I would expect him to grab her hands and run off together, thinking not only of his safety but making sure she’s kept alive as well. However, this dude did the complete opposite. This had me thinking. What if my guy and I were out on a date, and something popped off, would he just save his own ass and flee, forgetting about my very existence, or would he protect me? Interesting indeed. Not many men can live up to the statement “I got your back no matter what,” because when it comes to the test all you’ll be seeing is their backs, running away. 

All I’m saying is men should be courageous. This is the mentality of society and it’s what we as women rely on when in need of someone to hold us down. We can’t be falling apart at the same time in the relationship; no sir. The man is supposed to provide strength and be the backbone for his family. That’s the attribute I look for the most and that is just my opinion.

What do you think? 

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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