’10’ kakkoii things about May

In case you’re wondering, ‘kakkoii’ means ‘cool’ in Japanese. But this isn’t a lesson; instead, it’s our newest guest taking on EY’s ’10 quickies’. May J., the Japanese r&b and urban pop sensation, was kind enough to not only grant us an exclusive interview, but she also gave us some awesome responses to our traditional non-entertainment related questions. May’s currently gearing up for the release of her upcoming studio album so getting her to take some time to do this makes us highly appreciative. So, without any hesitation, please continue below to see her interesting answers, and remember to check out the interview if you haven’t already:


1.)What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?

“I believe in myself”


2.) ​Describe your personality?

I’m very easy-going. I like to challenge new things.


3.) ​What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle?

I hit the gym at least twice a week. I love stretching, running, working out, doing yoga, and kick-boxing. I’m an active type of girl.


4.) ​The world is going green, have you embraced the trend?

Yes, I’ve joined some different Eco-friendly activities. I think we could make a better world if everybody starts caring a little more about the environment.


5.)Provide us with a few tips and tricks for holistic living?

I always believe that good mind is in healthy body. I work out a lot, eat a lot, and sleep whenever I can. I have to take care of my throat, so I try not to catch a cold.


6.) ​Describe your fashion style?

I like simple but edgy style. I have a thing for studs, lace, and Louboutin shoes!


7.)How do you unwind after a long week?

I take a LONG bath. I bring some books and magazines and listen to my favorite music in my bath tub.


8.) ​What empowers you?

Madness. lol


9.)What is your favorite cuisine?

Persian food!


10.) ​How do you creatively express yourself?

I’m an international one and only singer.


Find out more about this awesome singer by visiting the following links:






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