BoA has reached a “Milestone”

The asian superstar has been in the industry for 10 years now, and she has certainly come a long way since her debut at 13. Also, celebrating her 25th birthday on November 5 was icing on the cake, being that she’s accomplished a great deal by such a young. BoA will be releasing a CD+DVD singles album on December 7 as a commemoration of her anniversary. The package, appropriately titled “Milestone,” will include the heartwarming ballad, “I SEE ME,” and the BEST&USA version of “Merikuri.” The DVD consists of the making of as well as the music video for “Milestone,” along with a special 10th anniversary film. Seems like a really sweet gift for her fans so why not support the artist by purchasing the single here. Check out the video below and tell us what you think:

Credit: Kai2dayeoJPN

2 thoughts on “BoA has reached a “Milestone”

  1. Milestone is so gorgeous! I’m glad she’s getting back to her roots. BoA was one of the very first Jpop artists I got into way back in the day, and I’ve loved her ever since. I’ll always hold songs like No. 1, Rock With You, Double, and especially Meri Kuri (my favorite song by her) dear to my heart. She’s changed styles a lot over the years, so I’m really excited to see something a little closer to her older style with Milestone ^^

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