Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one

It was just too perfect. I know many have felt that way in the past about a relationship and usually that’s the main reason why it falls apart. Sometimes perfect becomes comfortable, and safe; perfect inevitably leads to boredom. There’s nothing spontaneous happening and you begin to lose interest. He/she seemed like the right one at the time but after letting them go you come to terms with the fact that maybe they really weren’t. Now that you’ve had time to carefully think about the past and where the relationship went wrong, you can start developing logical reasons as to why it really wasn’t right and maybe you’re better off apart afterall.

The timing was wrong

Truthfully speaking, there is no wrong or right time with love unless there are complications. For instance, if one is involved in another relationship or if the other has various things going on that requires a lot more attention than the relationship at hand. Regardless of all that, love just happens. Sometimes it happens so fast that you had no time to take it in. It’s beautiful when everything seems to be going right, but by the end it’s like you got tired or overwhelmed by it.

The Love was suffocating

You felt like you were so deep in the relationship that it literally felt like you couldn’t breathe. It’s great to be all lovey dovey and wanting to be with each other on a frequent basis, but sometimes being together too much can make you feel like you’re drowning in the love. And I don’t mean in a positive way. Space is always a good thing but after taking time apart you started enjoying the air more because it didn’t feel as tight as it was when you were together.Β 

Fear got in the way

Not too many people have the courage to take love head on and commit to a relationship. Often times it seems one is investing so much while the other is holding back. From a clear perspective it seems right to take the chance because the person has all the good qualities you so desire, but then again, it just looked too good to be true and as a result you backed out citing fear of getting your heart broken.Β 

Again, it was just too perfect.

The person was just absolutely wonderful to do. He/she treated you the way you wanted to be treated, and you even received the love you wanted to receive. But it was just too perfect. There were no disagreements so there was no compromise, hence, no steamy make-up sex afterwards. There was no surprise or leaving things up to imagination because you already knew what to expect of the other. I can’t stress enough on the significance ofΒ spontaneity; without it, the relationship will really struggle to survive, whether or not you’re right for each other.

This is just my opinion. What do you think?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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