Violence on TV: when exactly does “Love” come into play?

Fact: with the amount of violence portrayed on television these days, why pay to watch a boxing or wrestling match. It seems that if reality shows don’t display some sort of brawl they’ll be deemed as boring. It’s never acceptable to get physical in conflicts, but I’m even more appalled at grown people who should be acting like mature adults, and even parents, demonstrate such poor and inexcusable behavior on national TV. It certainly goes both ways but I’m aiming this post particularly on the women. Whatever happened to class and sophistication? Such attributes fly right out the window when it comes to arguments because apparently, a beat-down is the only way to get your point across. 

I can’t even begin to explain how deeply embarrassed I am as a woman seeing this kind of foolishness on TV. It’s not a good look when boobs are all over the place, your wigs wiping the floor, broken glasses in your face, and your crotch is being exposed regardless if it’s blurred by the camera. I sincerely hope these old ass women can grow up real fast, because from my point of view, a female over the age of 30, much less 40, shouldn’t even dear get involved in any sort of physical altercation. I mean that’s just classless. You’re somebody’s mother, and possibly grandma, so put yourself in their shoes and consider their feelings before you start throwing punches on air just to show how much of a ragamuffin you are. All these theatrics are the reasons for my lack of interest in watching television altogether.

Instead of basing the show on unnecessary drama and bloody fights, why not make it a positive one about women being self-sufficient and working hard to achieve their goals, no? I guess that synopsis isn’t interesting enough to rake in those views. But when all has changed and we live in a more civilized and ethical society, maybe the “love” can finally come into play. That’s just my opinion.

What do you think?

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