I wish to “Remain Nameless”

Florence + The Machine had this really addictive track on the deluxe version of their “Ceremonials” album and I just had to post it here as the Song of the Day. Since hearing “Remain Nameless” for the very first time, I’ve been unable to forget or even stop listening to the song. It completely took over my soul and I’m not sure I want it to go away. This is a sensual and passionate track; a little more on the urban, electropop side but this band is experimental so nothing surprises me. Listen and enjoy, then continue to see my interpretation:

There’s something obviously deeper within the words sounding on top. For instance, “I was born in a big grey cloud screaming out a love song, all the broken chords and unnamed cries…what a place to come from” refers to a period of darkness or living inside a world of pain and mental confinement. Seem to me like she’s singing about unleashing herself, or coming out of tortuous confusion.

It can be deciphered from a spiritual, emotional, or mental perspective. The one thing that strongly exists is the presence of love in the words. There’s also a story about acceptance and living for yourself without the opinion of others. There are going to be people who you sincerely trust only to have them disappoint you, but also understand that there’s going to be those that will support you and giving you strength to go on. It’s a very beautiful song with intense lyrics.

What do you think?

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