Despite losing a member, Chocolat is still standing!

I heard many are calling Chocolat the first diverse group in Kpop but I just don’t see the diversity when all the girls are Asian, Korean to be exact. Anyways, with that aside the ladies have managed to re-emerge with a new single titled “I Like It.” And I do like it, much more than their previous debut single “Syndrome.” Don’t get me wrong I was feeling their debut but I feel like the group has returned stronger and better. Unfortunately, they’ve lost a member; their lead vocalist I heard. But the lost has no impact on me because not only do I not know who she was or the extent of her vocal abilities, but I get the feeling that her departure is minor because the group is doing absolutely great. Anyways, check out their live performance of the new single and stay glued to EY as we’ll be bringing you more updates about Chocolat’s comeback.

Credit: CrazyCarrotExtra2

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6 Comments on Despite losing a member, Chocolat is still standing!

  1. The 3 hapa girls are from the US, thus the diversity versus all Korean born and raised. Even one of the Korean girls lived in Australia for a time. The mixed ethnicity gives a more diverse look than a pure ethnic Korean group. Miss A is also a diverse group but their look isn’t as dramatically different as Chocolat.

    Chocolat isn’t marketed as the most diverse group, they are marketed as being bi-racial. It is a marketing approach to stand out amongst the plethora of girl groups.

  2. Who???

  3. Jaeyoon left?? She was my favorite 😦

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