Please don’t smoke, at least in an enclosed environment


The trouble with roommates is how uncivilized they can be, and I’ve had my share of them. The one that stands out the most is my current tormentor. Many times I would utter to myself “It’s bad enough that you’re destroying your own health but please don’t kill me in the midst.” And on several occasions I’d ask this jerk to at least open a window when he smokes so as not to trap the smell of it inside the house, furthermore in my room. I mean it’s smoke afterall and it moves around searching for an escape. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if it’s even during the winter, open a window because I’d much rather be cold than have my lungs suffer. C’mon, I’m breathing here, or did you forget that important detail?

The reason we’ll never be friends until thy kingdom come is because he refuses to consider anyone else besides himself. A jerk will remain a jerk till the end. What also pisses me off is how he handles the heater. The living room is converted into a bedroom which he stays in, and the thermostat just happens to be in the living room, which is now his bedroom. This dude turns on the heat when he feels cold and turns it off when he feels warm enough. To hell with anyone else freezing their asses off. I can understand wanting to lay off so as to keep the heat bill from accumulating to a point where broke people can’t pay it but there’s a difference between conserving and being straight up cheap. I’m sure he can afford to leave it on for at least an hour or two. 

Okay, let me just calm down and control myself before I blow a blood vessel. My point is, if you’re living with other people please consider their feelings as well as yours. If you smoke, (which I think you shouldn’t be doing and if you’re addicted should seek help) at least do it on the outside or with a window open. Better yet, just go outside cause sometimes even with the window open you’re still choking others with your toxic. Anyways, communication is key in making any living situation work and it’s best to not be selfish. That’s just my opinion.

What do you think?

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