[Review] Chocolat’s “I Like It”

By Kai

Chocolat is overly sweet and “I like it.” The group’s first mini album is maturely recorded with two mid-tempo tracks and two dance numbers. It’s well balanced enough to deliver a solidifying release that’s perfectly fit for mainstream but at the same time makes sense in lyrical content and musical quality. “I Like It,” in my opinion, is one of the best EPs released this year in Kpop; I’ve yet to hear any other that doesn’t sound cute, generic, cheesy, and straight up tiring. Chocolat without a doubt puts the freshness back in the game, silencing the big guns whose album sales are based solely on the loyalty of their fanbase. The group’s first effort, “Syndrome,” flew right over my head with its bubblegumish spectacles, but their latest record emphasizes more on growth and originality. I’ve kept it on repeat since it’s release and now all that’s left is a complete review.

I Like It” is the kind of club song you’ll hear, instantly get addicted to, but never get sick of. The moment I heard that beat I was hooked; the sound, the harmonies, everything mixed well together. I always felt like dancing. That one part where Melanie sings “I want it all, all or nothing…” is really sexy. How she manages to sing that line so well composed after doing all that dancing in their live performances beats me, but she does it well. The Korean version of the track depicts somewhat of a confrontation, the girl wants the guy to be bold and express his true feelings. The English version on the other hand, is about being cautious with the kind of life you lead.

하루만 더 (Same Thing to Her)” cools us down but doesn’t lose the momentum. I love how you can really hear their vocals on this track; it’s more intense in singing and far from subtle. The pace is mellower but the energy stands strong. I also like the idea of having a rap additio. Their electrification passes over into “싫어 싫어 (World Domination).” I can definitely see this track being their next promotional single. Its electropop at best and will surely get an audience going. This isn’t as loud and banging as “I Like It,” but it carries the trends of what’s hot in pop music now.

너만을 보고 너만을 그리는 (In a Heartbeat)” would have to be my second favorite after the lead single. This is another slow tempo track but it’s almost, if not better, than the first. Everyone knows that the best way to display your vocal strengths is in mid-tempo songs and if you fail to deliver then it will definitely put a sink hole in your career as a singer. Chocolat delivered amicably with this number; I’ve never been more impressed by the group and to be honest, I placed them below the level of mediocre singers when they debuted. To my surprise, they can actually sing and I love this track. I like how dramatic the strings, piano, and guitar sounded together. The music is beautifully arranged and I’m enamored by the last part of the chorus where the ladies sing, “I have eyes only for you.” Did I mention how lovely their voices sound together? It needs to be emphasized on.

The EP concludes with the English version of “I Like It,” and unlike some tracks that when challenged in a different language sounds a bit off, they actually made it work. My only concern is that I had to listen keenly at times to actually make out what they’re singing. But other than that, it was a good enough effort.

So, there you have it. My interpretation of how tasteful this mini album is. Chocolat came back in full force; their music is interesting, soothing, clubby, and entertaining. I’m glad they didn’t stress more on the latter this time around and made something of more substance. I did have an issue with the fact that they didn’t use a new image for the album cover. For crying out loud, they kept their old “Syndrome” pic and removed Jaeyoon from it. That’s the only thing lacking originality on this release. Aside from that, “I Like It” gets a rating of 4.9/5


Track listing:

01. I Like It
02. Same Thing To Her
03. World Domination
04. In A Heartbeat
05. I Like It (English Version)


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  • For all those concerned Chocolat fans who thought Jaeyoon left the group, she actually didn’t. According to their company, she’s actually recovering from health issues and will return for their next release. But we all know what happens when a label says the member is “resting” that it usually means they’ve been fired. Anyways, I hope this isn’t the case for Chocolat’s fans, even though I’ve not the slightest idea about the talents of Jaeyoon.

What do you think of “I Like It?”

6 thoughts on “[Review] Chocolat’s “I Like It”

  1. This year was not really good, i didn’t LVOE any song… The boys was horrible, step was “good”, be my baby was nice…O_O
    And I lost all my expectations for new “hits” or kpop songs but then…Chocolat and IU comebacked with their new songs and they makes me love kpop again TT
    Thanks IU(again) for make me love you more and more! And Chocolat, You deserves more popularity! I hope that you can release a MV of I like it or maybe release another mini-album(or single) and make a Mv for it! Hwaiting chocolat! Now you’re good enough to beat A-pink or Dal shabet, you only need more popularity! HWAITING!

  2. tbh, i like Same thing to her more than In a heartbeat, the lyrics are more desperate in a way, and i just think the melody is good, old school and strong, but both songs r good and im satisfied with this review, its detailed and positive, i liked syndrome and i knew they could sing, but i wanted smth better from these girls i fell for and they delivered better than most other acts this year, i cant remember an album this year where i liked most or all songs at all, as clearly as this, besides DaVichi, Wheesung, G.NA, IU n maybe MBLAQ….the rest had good ones, but also weak songs that didnt live up to the good ones, so they let them down

  3. Finally a good review…I think that syndrome was BAD DEBUT. Because It makes a lot of people hate them, but now they comebacked with amazing stuff and anyone wants to give them an opportunity…Y_Y

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