Destination: Bahrain

The idea of traveling is finding an escape from your overwhelming reality. It also opens up a new world of opportunity in learning about different cultures other than your own, and possibly making new acquaintances. I make it a mission in life to see beyond my enclosed community and country, and develop a new sense of understanding. I guess where I’m going with this is that travelling is a wonderful experience that I recommend and if you approach it with an open mind you’ll feel enlightened. One of the places on my list of countries to visit is Bahrain. I’m fascinated by its culture and heritage, and of course the many attractions the country has to offer its visitors. Check out of Bahrain’s lovely offerings below and tell us what you think about this exotic country:


Credit: Bahraintourism

One thought on “Destination: Bahrain

  1. Would love to go to Bahrain too – it looks absolutely gorgeous, and has such a rich culture&history! When I travel, I love an adventure, there are quite a few places on my list of dream destinations now & Bahrain is one! Also want to travel the entirety of Russia, return to Istanbul and then travel the rest of Turkey – especially the Princess Islands, Columbia, all the Balkan countries, Georgia, Morocco, Brunei, Brazil – I could go on! 🙂

    Wonderful piece, now I really can’t wait to get a chance to visit Bahrain!!

    Stay stylish, xoxo

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