Erica Hubbard: The Versatile Actress

By Kai

Erica Hubbard landed a place in the hearts of many playing Cassie on the popular ABC Family drama “Lincoln Heights.” However, beyond the alluring beauty of this undeniably smart woman lies not only a promising actress and model, but a philanthropist and budding author. Over the years we have seen Erica transitioned in the industry; taking on a variety of roles that far exceeds the performance of the previous. I would say she has indeed evolved further since her debut as a voice actress. These days, we can catch up with Erica on BET’s new television series “Let’s Stay Together.”And while Hubbard is currently known as one to watch out for, receiving praises as the young Kimberly Elise, she makes it a top priority to not only carve a place for her self in the industry, but to remain versatile and memorable while doing so. It’s rather rare if not shocking to hear someone say they’re unfamiliar with Erica’s work, but that only means finding another to make a fan out of. So, how do you begin describing this impeccable actress? By going back to where it all began for her.

Born and raised in Chicago, Erica started displaying a love for the arts since a young age. She performed in her first stage play at 9, since then appearing in commercials for McDonalds, Reebok, and Sears. Throughout high school, Erica participated in plays and various performance arts activities, leading up to attending Columbia College upon her graduation. Hubbard held tightly to her dream of becoming an actress by majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minored in Theatre. She later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Erica’s first role was in the teen series “Up n’ Running,” which focused on educating the youth about a variety of positive and youthful activities. Hubbard earned a regional Emmy Award for hosting the show, along with a Service To America Award from the National Association of Broadcasters. Since then, Erica began making appearances on television series including ER, Early Edition, and Boston Public. She received a breakthrough in her career after starring in the drama “Lincoln Heights” as a shy, artistic teen whose family relocated back to their old neighborhood due to her father’s job as a police officer. The series drew the interest of millions after portraying an interracial love between Erica’s character and Robert Anderson, as well as for depicting the challenges faced by a family.

The world is given not only an actress and model, but an author, owner of a production company, and an advocate for causes. Erica established her own foundation which focuses on inner city youth at-risk; she also supports charities and organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America.  

After a series of big screen appearances and continuing her interest in television drama as well, Erica Hubbard is aiming for higher heights. 2011 saw the actress take on the role of a young, eclectic, and self-assured woman in the new series “Let’s Stay Together.” Erica will reprise her role as Kita Whitmore in the second season of the show in January 2012. And I’m sure we all can’t wait for that. Let’s continue to support this talented actress and follow her as she keeps getting better at what she does best.

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