Timothy Bloom Is Finding the ‘Possibilities’

The first time the name Timothy Bloom popped up in front of my eyes was among the credits on Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E.” album. This talented artist wrote one of the most beautiful songs on the aforementioned called “All Back,” and after hearing his own soulful melodies I have no surprise that he’s capable of writing such heartwarming songs. The El Paso native has been making waves with his powerful sound and incomparable voice. Listening to him sing is like bathing in honey, so smooth. My initial reaction was that of an alien just discovering real music, as if music had never been heard before. What did surprise me most is how experienced Bloom was in the industry; writing and producing for big names, but I’m only now made aware of his talents because he was mainly working behind the scene.

The world was definitely woken up by his debut music video with all the provocativeness depicted. However, visually it was only portraying the sensuality of the song, “Till the End of Time.” These days audiences are being mesmerized by his latest single “Possibilities,” and a compelling video to go along with the intensity. As the rising soul singer finishes up his debut album, he’s hoping on sharing something wonderful with the world that will be forever timeless.

Check out his latest video below:

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