Compromise is the name of the game when it comes to relationships, otherwise the parties involved might never come to a point of agreement-which in effect might be the beginning to the end of a beautiful union.

Let’s leave the relationship domain and delve into everyday interactions with others. We are constantly on the compromising end with others. This past weekend, I went shopping at a flea market in which I purchased two vintage pieces that made me look like Jackie Kennedy back in the day-add to the fact I’m black-then you have a picture perfect image of how I looked.

Anyway, my purchases made me sorta kinda happy, not all the way 100% happy. Why?! I thought I was the best bargain hunter on earth, but the seller shut me down. She told me her price, I beat her down to it, and thought I would even go lower than my initially suggested price, but she stuck to her guns. Oh men! There was nothing I could do, other than swallow my bargain princess pride and buy the dresses-which by the way sell like hotcakes!

My point is this-in life, whether we like it or not-we always have to compromise! Relationships are not an exception to this rule. If both parties are to exist in harmony and continued love, regardless of who holds the reigns of control compromise is always key. Β 

Compromise by the way is not a given in relationships. It has to be worked towards like a common goal. You have to bend it like Beckham, in order for the goal to be reached. Communication therefore becomes the platform by which compromise stands upon. Therefore, if the foundation is not strong-the relationship is bound to fail.Β 

Learn to listen. Learn to hear him out. Learn the art of compromise. Β It is not about you, it’s about we! Shoo…look at me dolling advice, as if I’m the best communicator on earth. Nobody is telling you to be submissive. All I’m saying is learn when to talk and when to shut up!

Happy compromisings ya’ll!

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