The ‘Mission’ is ‘Impossible,’ And We Love the Thrill

By Kai

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the best action packed released since the final Transformers movie this summer. Tom Cruise has basically revived a slow year of ‘boring’ releases per say. The latest in his agent series multiplies the stunts and the acting. It has a great story-line and cool new additions, including one very stunning beauty I might add. Paula Patton depicts pure charisma and exoticness while getting tough with the men. This little lady sure can keep up. 

The movie was indeed a thrill ride from start to finish. Every sequence was carefully plotted, and Cruise, who allegedly performed his own stunts,  looked absolutely terrific partaking in these unimaginable and beyond dangerous scenes. I’m really glad I watched the movie and have no regrets whatsoever. I strongly recommend that our readers go see it if you haven’t yet, and maybe even for a second time cause this is definitely going to be the best and last action film of 2011.

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