Attack of the Screwdriver


Original article by: Cameron Smith

No, the headline is not the name of a new sci-fi film with really bad actors, it’s actually about an assault that took place at the Poughkeepsie High School recently. Apparently, English teacher Cynthia Glozier was brutally attacked with a screwdriver by fellow co-worker, Ronette Ricketts. Fortunately, a varsity football player jumped in to prevent the attack from getting any serious.

According to WPIX,  linebacker Justin Richardson is now being called a lifesaver from reacting the way he did. “I saw Ms. Ricketts just hammering her in the side of the head,” explained Richardson. “I Saw a lot of blood. It was shocking. I just slammed her really hard to get the screwdriver to fly out of her hand. If I didn’t step in she would have killed her.”

Ronette Ricketts, the attacker, is being faced with charges of first degree attempted assault, second degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon. She is definitely likely to lose her position that was described as one previously respected. 

As of the moment no one is certain of what exactly led to the brutal attack on Cynthia Glozier. The two were reportedly seen speaking before Ricketts snapped. 

The Poughkeepsie Journal reported that Glozier was in good condition at the Saint Francis Hospital, but is very much “traumatized” by the attack. And who wouldn’t be. I wonder what happened to lead this woman into attacking another so violently? She was once praised for being a good teacher so what exactly was it that Glozier might have said or done to trigger this? I know you should never blame a victim for the perpetrators uncivilized actions but I can’t help but wonder what happened. 

What do you think caused this horrific attack?

Credit: Yahoo! rivals

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Screwdriver

  1. How did Ronette Ricketts treat her students if she viciously attacked a fellow teacher. This was a planned attach because she had to bring the screw driver with her.

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