Baby chicks?

You know when an entertainment label is all out of ideas when their pop group's concept is basically to dress up as baby chickens for a new single. And that's exactly what Morning Musume is doing in promotion of their upcoming release "Pyoko Pyoko Ultra." I was almost blinded by the bright yellow and fans can protest on how cute and adorable the girls look but I will not go gaga over these dresses anytime soon.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of this Jpop group in particular (their music is too cutey cutey for my taste) but I do know that they’ve always used fashion based on the message of their songs. However, if I were a member at this point in time (because members come and go), I would not subject myself to wearing such weird loud costumes this time around. I mean this is just straight up ridiculous. Who came up with this idea? really? Because this is so not unique, nor is it spontaneous.

On a brighter note (not as bright as that yellow), Morning Musume is cheering up people for the holidays with this new concept by making everyone laugh either out of amusement from seeing this hideous getup, or from the fact that the girls are cute and bubbly. “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” will be available 1.25.2012

What do you think? Cute or Silly?

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1 Comment on Baby chicks?

  1. you have a point it’s really too bright and i checked them out on youtube after reading this and i dont like their music

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