Live a purpose driven life

How you choose to live your life is very important. This journey called life is one of the most unpredictable sojourns as human beings we will ever make. Every waking day is not guaranteed, it is rather a privileged blessing that needs to be appreciated every day.

We were all put on this earth with a purpose, this is inclusive of animals and plants! When death comes knocking at your door, there is no way you can prevent it, only a higher being can intervene and prevent the inevitable from happening. I am not saying that you should  mull over what if I die today, what should I do before then, no. All I am saying is that when the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west make sure to take stock of your life and ensure that you live it to the fullest.  

You might find yourself in a financial bind with no seeming way of ever seeing a positive sign on your bank account, but so long as you are alive and in good health embrace the possibilities of life. After all, health is wealth.

On Christmas day, Madonna Badger lost her everything-all her kids in an inferno! What was supposed to be  a wonderful time with the family, turned disastrous. I am pretty sure, most of you are aware of these news! If you are a regular on yahoo, you should have seen this story-it was trending and not because it was filled with holiday cheer! More so, grief and devastation!  Can you imagine the interminable grief this mother is going through at this moment in time.  Rest in Peace is not enough consolation. Prayers at this moment in time-would help a great deal. Even as you indulge and stuff your face, please keep this mother and her family in your prayers! 

This is not a Sunday sermon. Death can happen to anybody, at any time. Unfortunately it has no notice board on which it posts its arrival. Therefore my EY lovers, even in this holiday season that you are surrounded by friends and family-make sure that you give your all! Tell your grandmother I love you, because tomorrow is not promised! Tell your parents the same and so on and so forth.

In essence, live everyday like it is your last. Most importantly, adopt a positive outlook in life! Let death find you happy, content and peaceful.

Happy purpose driven lives!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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