Still in love with my ex

Kelly Rowland’s I’m still in love with my ex, gave life to this post. I’ve never heard this song before, but in it she details her reasons for having left the relationship, just before saying I do. Β The sole reason being she was-confused.

Mmmmmh! She was hella confused even though her man possessed all the qualities she looked for in a partner, or rather a committed relationship. I applaud her for having walked away with confusion, than having soldiered on and started a new life of confusion-if that makes any sense. As I listened to the song, I was like chick has guts to state that she wants him back. That means, pride and ego were put aside! Shoo, I do not think I have it in me, to be so direct and to the point-pride and ego is a biatch!

Being in love with an ex is human. It is likely and most probably to happen that your friends will advise you from pursuing your ex, on the basis of –he is an ex for a reason. What if the real reason for him being an ex stems out of confusion as with Kelly’s case, will that deter you from calling him up and having that very awkward conversation? Remember our article, about living a purpose driven life whose main premise is living your life to the fullest ? Well then, find his phone number- I know you still have it somewhere. I never discard mines! Never know when I might need a hospital ride, when 911 ain’t seeing the need of sending their medics on time, when I’m clearly dying.Β 

So if you are still in love with your ex-follow your heart. If he doesn’t want you back, you can always say you tried and failed, rather than remaining in a what if-limbo for the rest of your life. Call him, before he walks another down the aisle! I would shit bricks, if an ex I am in love with did that! What would you do?! Would you join me in the shitting?

Happy reconnections!

One thought on “Still in love with my ex

  1. Interesting post. I liked that song from Kelly’s second album, can’t believe it’s your first time hearing it after so long LOL..but really good post and I can relate to this matter.

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