Who is going to bailout doctors in need?

Doctors save our lives. These professionals are not in the business of making money-they practice out of passion. I have never met a doctor who practices medicine with the sole objective of making money-that is not why they take the Hippocratic oath.

This article was prompted, by an article on yahoo about  Small Business: Doctors going broke. It highlighted how the financial crunch has impacted doctors across the state lines, many in private practice on the verge of declaring personal bankruptcy. 

A yahoo commentor, J.E. made an interesting observation about the pay discrepancy between an athlete and a doctor. This is what they had to say:

funny how someone who can run and throw a ball will get paid hundreds of millions dollars more than someone who can save your life.

All, I can say to that is-Word!

All this is due in part to Medicaid cuts, rising costs in insurance monies, as reported in the article-escalated costs of treating patients.  Of importance to note, is that although doctors are highly educated, most of them do  not have the financial know how of what it entails to run a private practice. That in itself  is a detriment to the health of the practice. 

Please read the article link in full for more details on this. If there is a doctor, in our midst-please shed more light on this plight!

Happy Bailings out!

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