Pursuing a non paying dream

The most annoying thing about being a serial entrepreneur is holding onto non-paying dreams, with hopes of them materializing one day. Dreaming is great. Trust me, when I say this. I have scaled Mt.Everest as a result, I’ve been to Iceland and to the Himalayas on a journey reminiscent of pray, eat, love.  I’ve basically done it all, even spent a night  with Idris Elba-a crush of minez. All paid for courtesy of , dreaming.  Dreaming is one of the most cost-effective careers anybody not in their right mind can ever embark on. There are absolutely no bills to pay. All you need is to have a very creative persona and an overactive brain. Cue-ms. thang, typing this post.

Embrace You magazine is a labor of love, that currently doesn’t pay. It is very sad, when you are hustling and not getting change. Many will tell us go back to the drawing board, promote more! Shoo, every waking day-we go back  to the drawing board, Kai and I hold hours long “pow-wow” meetings to see how we can better place our brand out thurr-to no avail. Still we hold on to our non paying digital content dreams.  

Many a time, I’ve threatened Kai with actually quitting in favor of a regular 9 to 5. Truth of the matter is, a 9 to 5 routine is not me and will kill me softly because of boredom. In any case, there is power in working for yourself. Case and point, there are no set hours when we post, we just do in accordance to inspiration. If it hits us, when we’ve gone out-we’ll quickly come back and get into the mojo of posting like two crazies, high on caffeinated madness!

So what keeps us going?! You-the reader. Whenever you comment and interact with each other or whenever I note a new commentor or subscriber-I find new reason and power to post. So for that, I want to salute all of our 146 facebook fans, 70 something magazine subscribers and all of our regular commentors as well as the everyday lurker!

If you are with us, in pursuing a non paying dream-take heart! We will make out, hopefully before Jesus decides to make his second ascent on this green and brown earth.


Happy dreamings ya’ll!

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