Despite the inevitable, ‘world boss’ reigns in good ‘Vybz’


There's no doubt that 2011 belonged to Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, and while it's still early, 2012 is showing good signs that his music will continue making waves throughout the New Year. However, we can't deny the legal woes taking place behind the scenes and exactly how it will impact his career in the long run. Well, unless this controversial entertainer will be making music from imprisonment, he will in fact lose his reign to others hungry for the spotlight. This is the music business after all; take a break and someone else takes your shine.

Vybz will serve time for his ‘extra curricular criminal activities,’ whether or not he stuck his hands in the acts or had someone do it for him. There are just too many charges against the artist for him to simply get off. So, he’ll certainly be singing ‘reflections’ behind bars. My point is this: how long exactly will his morphing face be off our television screens and the dance stage, and what are his plans on keeping his voice in our ears? No answers have been provided due to the fact that his fate has yet to be determined. However, when that time comes his PR will need to conjure up some smart strategies to keep his career in tact when he resurfaces.

I’m not really a fan but I place bias on the side where talent is concerned. In my opinion, good music deserves to be appreciated and respected. And I’m quick to admit that I was rocking to his 2011 hit single “summertime,” the perfect anthem when reminiscing on warmer days; In particular, soaking up the sun on the exotic island. Can you hear that addictive melody playing even now?

In any case, this man is truly creative when it comes to lyrical content and starting scandals, which has often proven to expand his popularity locally and internationally. Any publicity is good, whether negative or positive is Kartel’s policy. But his latest stunts will be detrimental. That’s just me though.

What do you think? 

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1 Comment on Despite the inevitable, ‘world boss’ reigns in good ‘Vybz’

  1. Real Jamaican Girl // January 23, 2012 at 12:49 pm // Reply

    He has a lot more to worry about than the current status of his career. They say you get back what you put out, and if he has been committing such acts or have been involved in one way or the other then he deserves what’s happening to him now. I don’t even see why his music is all that anyways because all he djs about is sex, how much women he has and how bad he is. This man should not be held as a role model because for one, he disrespected not only his race but his culture by changing his skin tone. Just something ppl should think about before saying ‘Free Vybz Kartel’ or ‘why pree world boss’.

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