Evanescence’s “My Heart Is Broken”

Don't you just love those emotional tracks from Evanescence? In fact, that's what the band is known most for; emotional, passionate, melodramatic, sorrowful, you name it. They've made their latest album more bright and strayed a bit from their darker days. And that's understandable being that Amy Lee along with the others are in a more uplifting place in life. However, I still love those sad, yet passionate numbers. Check out the artistic music video for "My Heart Is Broken," one of the more heartwrenching tracks on their album, and tell us what you think. This woman can certainly belt out those notes.

Amy Lee stated that the music video is influenced by the British fantasy/horror flick “Paperhouse,” about a girl who creates a dream world to escape the pain of her reality but ends up stuck within her fantasy. The film definitely lives out the words to the song, which was inspired by girls exploited through human trafficking.

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3 Comments on Evanescence’s “My Heart Is Broken”

  1. I’ve always admired evanescence with their strong lyrics and well put together music videos

  2. Real Jamaican Girl // January 26, 2012 at 8:26 pm // Reply

    I think ‘bring me to life’ really got me into rock so i kept following this band up till now

  3. This is so haunting…

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