‘Red Tails’: good tribute, but a little reserved

The George Lucas film, which was in production for a longtime, started out lagging but picked up as it continued rolling. ‘Red Tails‘ tells the story about the Tuskegee Airmen, a segregated group of African American fighter jets who proved that they were just as equal to serve in the military, and especially keep up during world war II. What was most appealing to me about the film, aside from the hot men, were the combat sequences and how the director managed to capture every angle in such a dramatic way. The story seemed more about the plans than about the men flying them. It was more action than drama. Well, at least that’s what I took away from it.

Terrence Howard, in my opinion, did a really excellent job as always in a dramatic role. His ability to connect on a emotional level with his audience is just beyond words. This man is a natural born actor. So, in terms of who did the better job, I’d have to give it to Mr. Howard. Cuba Gooding, Jr. wasn’t as memorable as Terrence, but I still give him props for trying.

As far as the movie goes, it was okay as long as they stayed in the air and in battle. Once on base, it sort of went downhill. The chemistry between the men weren’t depicted in a very strong or natural way. They looked too much like they were trying to be close to pull off that bond. However, it was alright just the same. There were little segments of flirtations here and there, and a little humor as well. 

Overall, the movie was good. I’m somewhat pleased with the cast for portraying brave men in a time of unfairness and distress. However, it seemed like the producers held back a little when filming. I’m just saying.

Red Tails‘ is in theaters now. So, if you haven’t seen it I suggest you do. Go support!

2 thoughts on “‘Red Tails’: good tribute, but a little reserved

  1. The dogfights are fun but everything else is filled with corniness, lame acting, predictable story arc, and moments where the film feels like a video-game rather than based on a true story. A great story to be told, but told in a very poor way. Good review right here though.

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