Jane’s the Newest Fashionista In Town & On Air


Jane by Design is ABC Family’s newest drama/comedy about a teen who’s mistaken for an adult and is hired by a hot Fashion company of her dreams. She’ll then go through the series balancing both the stresses of high school as well as the daily duties of a working adult. You’re probably wondering why doesn’t she just confess and live a normal life, but see the thing is, if she quits, she’ll risk losing the house that she and her brother are working so hard to keep, being that their father died and their mother is described as ‘bailed’ out on them. 

It’s quite a pile for one to take on, but that’s just a speck of dusk on the stylish getups that actress Erica Dasher gets to wear for her quirky role as Jane. The young starlet exhibits really fashionable outfits that has Serena van der Woodsen on her toes. Indeed, Jane could definitely give those Upper East Side ‘It’ girls a run for their money. And if you follow television series on the CW then you’ll most likely have an idea of what I’m talking about. If not, I dare you to Google.

Aside from the edgy and trendy designs seen in the series, we’re also immersed in the bond between Jane and her best guy friend Billy (Nick Roux), while enjoying the sweet and playful chemistry between the leading girl and her love interest Nick (Matthew Atkinson). And of course, we can’t have a protagonist without a antagonist causing problems, and that’s where Lulu (Meagan Tandy) and India (India de Beaufort) come in. Both tormenting Jane in High School and at work respectively.  I also enjoy watching madam ‘It’ girl Lulu feen over Jane’s best friend, which she continued to keep a secret until finally he had enough of being her boy toy behind closed doors. And I completely agree. 

There’s definitely a lot going on in 45 minutes and a lot of people tuning in to see it all go happen. Jane by Design is fun, fashionable, emotional, sometimes cheesy, flirty, youthful, colorful, deceitful, you name it. It includes all the juicy qualities that I so love in television series and like a high school girl living out every moment with Jane, I’m hooked. What’s not to love? Well, that’s just me anyways. 

What do you think about Jane by Design?

3 thoughts on “Jane’s the Newest Fashionista In Town & On Air

  1. This show is not only funny but also positive, as it encourages young girls to follow their dreams no matter how big it is.

  2. I’ve been drawn to this show. It is kinda cheesy in some ways but i like the cute fashion and the character portrayed by Andie..she’s funny!

  3. I like the show alot! It took me a couple episodes to love it but now I am totally hooked! It takes on alot in the time frame given and at first I expected it to be so busy I wouldn’t be able to watch it but Suprisingly they pull it off!

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