[Review] Elle Varner’s “Conversational Lush” (Mixtape)


Elle Varner isn’t going to lose the momentum created by her old school inspired hit single “Only Wanna Give It to You.” The LA native is proving she’s here to stay with the release of her mixtape ‘Conversational Lush.’ This definitely takes things up a notch. The songs are deep, lyrically distinct, sexy, fun & playful. Most of all, the instruments are experimented on but dynamic in every sense. You don’t hear anything like this on mainstream radio and Elle is very much what’s missing in music these days.

The moment she says ‘Hello,’ I’m all ears to this very interesting conversation that’s about to take place. She piqued my interest with her boldness in ‘WTF.’ The song is certainly entertaining and very much real. After playing this one a few times, I truly heard a story and I commend her for making the statement, ‘the bio is in the music’ because it is in fact so. Elle’s laugh at the end made it much more genuine.

Feel Like A Woman’ was tastefully recorded. I love the island vibe in the sound and how passionate the vocals come across. This is one of the more intimate numbers playing on the emotions felt in the relationship, while ‘Do You Want To’ makes it clear that she loves him enough to let him go even if he wants to leave. Both tracks focus on her intense feelings, leading to the short-lived ‘Refill,’ depicting Elle’s yearning for another tender moment. The melody went by quick but just enough to pull you into this very sensual atmosphere.

The more seriously focused ‘Runaway’ tells the story about the individual always looking for something or someone to fill the emptiness felt inside, while ‘Go’ takes us back to the relationship at hand and Elle pleading with him to stay and work things out. You’ll most likely get attached with the slowed down then fast paced transition going on with the beat. I surely did.

 ‘I Just Can’t’ leads us into ‘Ghosts,’ both portraying Elle’s fearfulness of getting hurt in love and further backing up that fear by giving reasons based on her past experiences which continues to haunt her. She’s currently focusing on putting herself first and making sure she’s happy.

EV’ gives us a breakdown of who the artist is behind the music, riding on the beat to Jay-Z’s hit single ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A).’ This is just as thought-provoking in words as the previous tracks but I feel it is one of the highlights on the mixtape along with ‘Fly’ and ‘32 Flavors.’ The latter being my absolute favorite for its addictive beat, the sultry vocals, and again for her realness.

Though the conversation came to an end with the couple going back and forth between who should ‘Hang Up’ first, if in any case your cups need a ‘refill,‘ just leave this mixtape on repeat and allow the soulful and tantalizing voice to sink beneath your skin. I was pretty much entertained and satisfied, even if it’s a mixtape. In three words, hot, hot, hot! I’ll definitely be rocking to this until Elle’s debut album drops. ‘Conversational Lush’ gets a rating of 5/5


Track listing:

01. Hello
02. WTF
03. Feel Like A Woman
04. Do You Want To
05. Refill
06. Runaway
07. Go
08. I Just Can’t (Prelude)
09. Ghosts
10. EV
11. So Fly
12. 32 Flavors
13. Hang Up…


Download the mixtape here

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