“I Have Permission to Cheat…”

As otherworldly as that headline sounds, I kid you not. Such things are apparently taking place in relationships. I believe they casually call it ‘open relationship.’ Whatever the term is for that, the lifestyle definitely has me rethinking if it still holds the values of a relationship when it’s that open. Regardless of what the person giving the permission says, feelings are bound to get hurt and the end results will certainly not be pretty.

A friend and I were catching up on old times and what we’ve both been doing with our lives. The conversation eventually diverted to our current relationship status. And the epiphany of that verbal exchange was “I have permission to cheat…” that ended up being the only thing I took away from the convo after it ended because I was utterly shocked. Where they do that at? How long as it been that guys/girls gave permission to their significant other to go out and get their fix from others, or rather am I the only one out of the loop?

In my opinion, such things are baloney. I don’t know about you but I could never sleep peacefully at nights after simply telling my boo that he can go out and find joy with another. That’s not cool. And any guy that says he has no issue with allowing another guy to have his girl’s attention is a straight up liar. That won’t go down right. People tend to say such things when upset with the other and they usually don’t mean it, or it’s just the end of the road for their relationship.

My point is that, I’m selfish in a relationship when it comes to sharing my own with others who are neither family nor friends. And I certainly won’t tolerate such talk from the guy either. A-la Brick & Lace, “let’s just get that clear.” And another thing to consider is that there can never really be trust in such a relationship no matter what.

What do you think about open relationships?

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