[Review] Brian Joo’s “Reborn Part 1”

Brian Joo just melts my heart every time he opens his mouth and starts singing. This is a natural talent who I feel doesn’t get the complete recognition he deserves. His last release, “Unveiled,” truly blew me away; the songs were tasteful, unconventional, and totally spectacular. Brian has always been that artist who knows how to deliver music worth listening to. And thus he’s done it again. “Reborn Part 1” continues where the previous EP left off, so they say. For his latest effort, Joo has invited one of the biggest hip hop artists in Korea, Tiger JK, along with Jay Park, Dumbfoundead, and Flowsik of Aziatix to help convey his ‘seriousness towards music.’ The lead track caught my attention so now all that’s left is to check out the rest of the EP and see exactly where Brian is going with this one.

Let This Die” starts things off with some dramatic piano melodies and a soft singing Joo. As the first single and opener, it fits perfectly in each position. The chorus is catchy and heartfelt; my favorite line is “it’s too late now…” cause when he sings that part, it really feels like its too late now. And of course Tiger JK’s segment is just brilliant for the Korean version. This is a wonderful song and the ending adlibs create so much depth. The extended and translated rendition was just as emotional and that’s hard to keep solid when you record one song in different languages, but the passion remains and the creativity is still alive. Flowsik is impressive on the English version as well, this guy goes hard when he spits.

I had no idea Jay Park was a songwriter aside from singer and this second skill is well represented in “Can’t Stop.” The track is spunky, edgy, sexy, and all that glitters. It takes on a different tone from the previous but that’s what makes it so great. The mood isn’t gloomy anymore, it’s playful and eccentric. Both Jay, along with rapper Benzino, team up with Brian to make this into an awesome collaboration for the Korean version, while LA based rapper Dumbfoundead switch it up on the English version. It wasn’t as memorable as the Korean version and that happens when you try to translate songs from its origin, it often loses its substance. However, both are alright.

I heard “Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong” back in 2010 on Jade Valerie’s MySpace and instantly fell in love with the song. It’s a beautiful duet riding on the beat to Drake’s “Find Your Love” but establishes its own uniqueness. Jade on the other hand took over completely in terms of vocal capacity. It was almost like Brian was reserved. Still, I’m happy he included it because this is one of my favorite songs from both singers.

Domino” is the final track on the EP and it’s the acoustic version of the track that was also included on his previous ‘Unveiled’ EP. Like the original, this is just as blissful. I love how clean and clear Brian’s vocals are and how effortlessly he brings across his message. The acoustic version to any song should always be passionate because you’re singing along with a guitar, and that is a romantic instrument. So, thank you Brian for making this track pleasant.

The EP concludes with instrumentals and that’s understandable being it’s not an album. To be honest though, there’s not a lot provided to demonstrate how the artist lived up to the EP title and concept, but then again it’s only part 1 so, Brian, I’m anticipating a bigger delivery on part 2. “Reborn Part 1” gets a rating of 4.6/5


Track listing:

01. Let This Die [Kor Ver.] (ft. Tiger JK)
02. Can’t Stop (Kor Ver.] (ft. Jay Park & Benzino)
03. Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong (Duet with Jade Valerie)
04. Let This Die [Ext. Eng Ver.] (ft. Flowsik of Aziatix)
05. Can’t Stop [Eng Ver.] (ft. Jay Park & Dumbfoundead)
06. Domino (Acoustic)
07. Let This Die (Instrumental)


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What do you think of ‘Reborn Part 1?’


Credits: BrianJooMusic + b3tt3rflypink

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