EXO-K Wants To Know “What Is Love”

If you’re a fan of Super Junior and have been following the movements of SM Entertainment, then you’ll certainly know that the South Korean label has a new boy group ready to unleash to feening Kpop fans worldwide. I recently came across EXO-K‘s first track “What Is Love” and it completely blew me away. Their vocal talents are beyond impressive. The song reminded me a lot of 90s smooth and sexy R&B music, and if you want something new and different from the Dance takeover then I suggest checking them out. These guys are also really good dancers, refer to their teasers for evidence.

Credit: SMTOWN + EXO-K.smtown.com

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6 Comments on EXO-K Wants To Know “What Is Love”

  1. Real Jamaican Girl // January 31, 2012 at 9:59 pm // Reply

    mmmm…their voices. i didnt know koreans could sing like that wow

  2. From watching those teasers, I would never had expected this kind of music to be released from them. I really like this track! It really does remind you of those 90s r&b music! It seems like this group has great potential and much more to show especially seeing that the dancing is the teasers looked amazing! Also one of the members remind me of Taemin when they dance and maybe a bit from the looks =)

  3. I was scared that EXO-K wouldn’t have good vocals because they had a lot of dance teasers but I was pleasantly surprised ^.^

  4. This group defines true talent!

  5. whoa! their voices are sexy..this one made it to my playlist even though i dont understand a word

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