I Hate My Friends…Sometimes

We’re all human, so of course there will be days when all we need is time by ourselves. Sometimes your friends will think you’re trippin’ and probably not understand how much you just want to be left alone. They’ll say stuff like ‘you shouldn’t be alone right now,’ or ‘talk to me that’s what friends are for.’ Therefore, you somewhat get Β annoyed with them during those times and probably even dislike them for a few minutes (hours) before snapping back to reality. It’s crazy, but I know its true.Β 

We all have our moments where not even friends can make us feel uplifted; a little alone time can truly help if that’s all we need. ‘Hate’ is a strong word so let’s leave it at ‘dislike.’ And not even you can deny the fact that there are times when you dislike people in general when you’re feeling deeply irritated and want to isolate and think. Secluding yourselves away for relaxation is great but like I’ve said, only if that’s all you need. Sometimes isolation is a sign for something else. I’m just saying.

I love my friends and so do you (I’m assuming), but let everyone have their ‘do not disturb me’ moment.Β 

What say you?

One thought on “I Hate My Friends…Sometimes

  1. I totally agree with this article. There are times when people just want to be left alone and have their ‘me time’

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