Students Exchange Vows At School

Original article by Crystal Harrison

At first when I saw the headline ‘Students Marry At School‘ on the Jamaica-Star website, my initial reaction was how cute it is that this young couple is playing around like that. But after reading through the entire article I realized that this was no joke to them at. The ceremony included a wedding cake, the school’s security guard as officiating minister, and fellow students and teachers as witnesses. There was even a reception held afterwards.

This all went down on a day when the principal was out, who, according to the Star, is presently investigating the situation. 

It is also reported that the groom, a ninth grader, and the bride, a tenth grader, exchanged genuine gold rings, openly kissed, popped champagne, and took pictures afterwards. They’re definitely serious. The ceremony was even videotaped, showing the couple intensely kissing each other.

Now, I don’t know if I should be creeped out or giggly about this. It could just be a mere gesture of their devotion to each other, and the ‘marriage’ isn’t legal anyways. However, the fact that they went ahead and bought rings, a cake, champagne, etc. seems like they’re totally serious. 

What do you think?

Source: STUDENTS ‘MARRY’ AT SCHOOL by Crystal Harrison

8 thoughts on “Students Exchange Vows At School

  1. look its good that they are thinking about marriage because now a days men just think about having sex with a girl call her his girl and later don’t propose much less think marriage and at time leaves her for a next woman and at times she have childen for him. I am not condoling there behavior but our fore parents got married very young. although theirs aren’t legit.

  2. What the fudge! Can u imagine what her parents said after hearing this news..they sent her to school only to learn that she got married lol…i read the original news and some students said the groom was a delinquent so that should definitely trouble her parents if she’s considered a ‘good’ girl

  3. If they are really in love then he should have gone to her parents and ask for permission. That is the respectable and legal this. If he really love her he would want to reserve her dignity. It is a bit weird, to send your underage child to school her seh she a behave live woman. I guess dem readdy fi pay bills and get them house. Somebody need to talk to our children. We need good and godly family and community values. Fake wedding ceremony you know how many men try that with woman, dem need fi stop it.

    1. they aint in love they infatuated..they should be worried about getting good grades and college at this point in their lives…@real Jamaican Girl i wonder too if she’s preggers

  4. Wow! It’s great that they are so in love but it is a little weird if you ask me. Personally, it’s too soon for talks of marriage. Who knows where they will be or how they will feel about each other in the coming months, even the commig years.

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