Day26 Is Reviving R&B

Wow! Leave it to a male group formed via reality television to re-capture the essence of what R&B music is. Speaking of the latter, doesn’t it seem like Rhythm and Blues is somewhat overshadowed by the lifeless, meaningless, fist pumping phase we now call club bangers. The world has adopted a sort of Pop frenzy but even pop doesn’t sound like pop anymore. It’s kinda hard to describe exactly what I’m hearing but it’s certainly not anything of substance.Β 

I’m mind bottled at the fact that these foolishness are getting heavy airplay, much less winning awards. What happened to the “real” music, and “real” singers? Gone are the days when people actually listened to the inner meaning and the talents behind a good song, now it’s all about sex, drugs, and generic lyrics, which should not even be called lyrics to begin with. Its like back in school when you did something naughty and the teacher makes you write out your apology on the board, but you have to write it like 50 times. That’s exactly how songs are these days, repetition of some really corny lines with absolutely no effort to change it up.Β 

Oh wait, what was this post about again? That’s right, Day26 and their long anticipated return.

One of the reasons why I commend this group is the fact that they’ve stuck it out together. Putting aside the source of their formation, it didn’t curse them at all. They kept on singing, performing, and giving us that sensual, soulful flavor we’re all in need of today.

Day26’s latest single “Made Love Lately,” from their upcoming third studio album “A New Day,” is all about love, passion, and all the pleasures felt between two people in heat. That’s exactly what old school R&B was all about, baby making music. Anyways, I love this song; the beats hot, the words are sexy, and the singing is beyond amazing. These guys ‘got me going.’ Oh yes indeed!

I suggest your purchase “Made Love Lately” on iTunes, vote for the music video on the only network that still plays videos and has a live countdown, and make sure to support their new album when it drops. Please people, let’s all work together to rid the globe of this idiotic trend and allow raw talent to get their shine. Thank you.

What do you think of “Made Love Lately” and the state of music?Β 

4 thoughts on “Day26 Is Reviving R&B

  1. I completely agree! even dancehall is experimenting a bit wit bs..i hope this techno shit leaves very soon, by the way i like this song and group

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