Do your friends really like you?

Have you ever taken a step back to truly reflect on your actions or how you fair in the eyes of your friends? I know I have. Often times we as human beings are quick to point the finger and tell others how wrong this is or what they ought to do better, but how do we react when it’s vice versa? Are we to listen to their opinion and acknowledge shady things about our own personalities or do we push it aside and say there’s nothing wrong about our characters?

I’ve often wondered about what my friends think about me even though they say you shouldn’t worry about what other people think, but the truth is that the perception your friends and family have of you is quite important.Β I remember watching the movie “Mean Girls” back when Lindsay LohanΒ was on her A-game and I remember there was this one scene, like a big climax in the movie, when all the senior students were asked to gather in the gym as a result of their childish behavior towards each other. Later a teacher asked the students to express their feelings about the most popular girl in the school and comments like “she’s a bitch” or “she’s always been really mean to me” were thrown out, but what cracked me up the most was the fact that even the mean girl’s so-called best friends disliked her. In the end it turned out that this popular girl didn’t really have any “true” friends because when her back was turned people secretly despised her. How bout you? Can you be certain that your friends don’t secretly hate the kind of person you are? But then again if they feel uncomfortable then maybe as your friends they should be mature enough to discuss the issue with you, and if so, how will you react? Most likely you’ll say something like “What! There’s nothing wrong with my personality it’s just the way I am.” or probably “If you have a problem with me then maybe we shouldn’t even be friends.” But that’s something you’ll say if you don’t cherish your friendship and friends are like precious treasures.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with asking your friends what they think about your personality, especially if they seem to act different around you as time goes by. Nobody’s perfect and we all have some conceited ways about us so if there are areas we need to work on to be more approachable and allow people to feel comfortable around us then we should make an effort to change.

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