Jamie Lynn Breaks The Silence: Was It Necessary?

Jamie Lynn Spears

Interview by: Wendy Shanker

We haven’t heard much from Jamie Lynn Spears since the ordeal created by the media regarding the former ‘Zoey 101’ star became pregnant at 16, and how ‘she was a bad role model’ who let down her fans and everybody’s mommas. Jamie moved to Mississippi with then fiance and father of her child to escape the scrutiny of Los Angeles and the public in general. She basically vanished from the spotlight and has reemerged years later to grant Glamour magazine an interview about the issues she’s faced being a teen mom, and one that was publicized as a role model to kids.

In the March issue of the magazine, the soon to be 21 year old goes in depth about the relationship with Casey Aldridge, the father of  her 3 year old daughter Maddie, and how it was the tabloids making her older sis’ life a living hell that drove her out of the entertainment business, for now. 

“I had to make a decision that I could sleep with every night. I did feel responsible for the young girls and the mothers who I probably confused and let down. I apologize for that,” Jamie told Glamour magazine in an interview for their latest issue, of deciding to keep her baby. “But I wasn’t trying to glamorize teen pregnancy. I hated when [the tabloids] said that. Everybody is dealt a hand of cards. It was my choice to play them the way I played them. But the hateful comments hurt.”

She also revealed the difficulties she went through being a teen mom.

“There were so many times — especially when Maddie would get sick — when I would cry to myself and think, ‘I really don’t know what to do,'” she said. “It takes bravery to be a young mom, and it does take bravery to let the world watch.”

And the question that everyone’s asking now is what’s she been doing and what’s her next move? Well, apparently Jamie Lynn is working on a Country music career in Nashville, using music as a means of escape from her pain. 

“I was a kid who did a kid show. Then I went away and raised my child, and the world has never met me as an adult,” she said. “This is the first time anybody is really meeting me as a grown woman and grown mother making a decision about what to do with my life… My music will speak for itself.”

For the complete interview, visit Glamour.com or pick up the March issue off the shelves. It’s actually quite interesting, as Amanda Seyfried is their cover girl and she also gives a tell-all interview. But anyways, back to the topic at hand.

So now, the reason why I posted this is because I wonder did she have to do an interview to explain to everyone what she was going through? I think not. She could’ve let people think what they want, which is what she’s been doing for five years and move on with her life. Did she feel the need to do this interview as a publicity move, being that she’s coming back to the biz? I think yes.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Jamie Lynn Breaks The Silence: Was It Necessary?

  1. girl get your life lol..you know you only did this interview cos you looking for publicity for your washed up career and you aint even a good singer

  2. I agree that parents should be the ones to teach their children and stop blaming the media for them becoming rebels. As for Jamie Lynn, this interview was obviously to promote herself and her new image…..I think she did a good job at it though.

  3. I too find this interview unnecessary. Who cares that she was a teen mom. And quite frankly, although she was a role model to many, it is the job of parents to teach children right from wrong and so forth. I also agree with you about it being a publicity stunt. Between her hurtful story about the tabloids and her being a strong teen mother she managed to work in her new career and her hopes that people won’t see her as a teen mom but as a whole new person.

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