[Exclusive] Konshens On His ‘Mental Maintenance’

Interview by Kai

Konshens piqued the interest of many with his 2005 release “Pon Di Corner.” From there on, the artist continued to make a name for himself in the industry; spawning several more hits within and outside his native Jamaica. One can refer to this versatile man as not only a musician, performer, or fashion designer, but also an advocate trying to make a difference in his community.

Let’s face it already, Konshens is destined to be a global star, and it’s only a matter of moments before the world starts calling his name. Don’t agree? Then listen to his songs. I’m sure he’ll have you hooked on one of his catchy tunes in no time. And while we’re all eager for a “Mental Maintenance,” watch the music video for his hot single “Do Sumn,” which was also featured in the popular video game Just Dance, and read the interview below to discover the man on stage & behind the music:

EY: Tell us a little about Garfield Spence.

He’s a 27 year old “young” man that’s just obsessed with music in every aspect. I’m pretty much consumed by music now…outside of my family there’s not much more to me.

EY: Now, help us understand Konshens, the entertainer. How did you get into music?

I got involved in music by following my older brother {DELUS}, who was already taking steps to peruse a career in the biz. I started ghost writing and being his major critic until it turned out into writing songs for myself. Studio life increased my love for the whole idea of being an artiste.

EY: Who are some of your biggest influences?

Almost every musician influenced me indirectly in one way or another as I was always a huge fan of music in every genre. However, my brother {DELUS} and Beres Hammond were my two main influences….huge Beres fan though I’ve never met him.

“I’m just here to add my piece of history.”

EY: Describe your style and what distinguishes it from other artists.

AS REAL AS IT GETS. There is no single way to describe my style of music. I’m very emotional and moody, and I create according to the mood I am in. My only ‘rule’ though, is I don’t make up stories, its all 100% real….in 1 way or another.

EY: Your singles are being well received outside of Jamaica. How do you feel about your accomplishments so far?

I think I’ve come a far way in my short time in the biz. I have been places, seen and achieved things that most of my peers have not, so I think my hard work is paying off. However, I know that I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of my potential.

EY: What keeps you humble out of the hype?

There’s absolutely nothing to hype about, it’s all been done before many times…I’m just here to add my piece of history.

“…whatever influences my mood will influence my lyrics.”

EY: Give us some details about your upcoming album “Mental Maintenance.” What’s the concept behind the music?

The concept of the album is “a song for every situation”… for me music is my therapy and I’m sure people in general can relate to that statement so that’s what I want this album to be to the listener…therapy…”mental maintenance”

EY: What inspires your lyrics?

I write according to the mood I am in and how I want to react to my mood…example…if I’m upset, I can either embrace it, deny it, or try to shake it off; lyrics will flow accordingly.  So, whatever influences my mood will influence my lyrics.

EY: What do you want your fans to walk away with after listening to this album?

I don’t want them to walk away at all!!! lol

“Always in the studio, always on the road…music never stops for me…”

EY: Are you planning on going on tour anytime soon?

I live on the road…I have US, EUROPE, UK, AFRICA, ASIA, SOUTH AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN stops coming up.

EY: I’ve heard music is not your only forte. Tell us about your clothing line OH’K. Is it fashion for both men and women?

Well, music and fashion goes hand in hand, I just realized this… for now the line will be geared towards female, we have plans to cater for both sexes but we affi [have to] see wah gwaan wid di [what is going on with the] girls deem first.

EY: And will your supporters see signs of your personal style in these designs?

Well, its now only for female so you will see what I would like to see ladies wearing.

EY: What’s next after the new album drops and the clothing line is launched, any other projects in the works?

Always in the studio, always on the road…music never stops for me, there will be lots of releases from my label SubKonshus Music and many other producers as well.

-And we really can’t deny the obvious fact that this talented guy is a looker. So, on behalf of the ladies, I just had to ask:

EY: Just a quick fact for our female readers. Are you single?

Are there still single men in 2012???

-Hmm…I take that as a no. Sorry ladies!

EY: Thank you so much for taking the time. Do you have anything to say to your fans around the world?

Thanks for all the love, hope all of you go out and get the album Feb. 28th… and I’ll keep being the realest.  nuff luv!!



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