Chocolat Returns, Still One Member Short

I’ve been following this Chocolat group since their debut and to be honest, I’m not really sure why. Maybe its because I’m waiting to see how far they can go in the biz because they obviously work so hard. Anyways, the ladies have returned with a new single’s album, which is more like a second single from their first mini album. “One More Day” is basically “Same Thing To Her“; I’m not good with the language so I can’t really say which other parts of the song got remastered, all I know is the title changed but the beat remained the “same.”

Along with the single’s release, the group also unveiled a music video with simple choreography involving chairs and sophisticated body gestures, as well as a guy looking like an idiot throughout the entire thing. Regardless, it’s still delightful to watch and the urban style track is worth a listen. 

Get Up” is the other track on the single’s album and it sounds a lot like Amerie’s “One Thing” because it has the go-go rhythms utilized by producer Rich Harrison. It’s a playful song and really cool to vibe to, but too unoriginal for my taste.

It’s good to have Chocolat back but something everyone’s talking about is the lead vocalist still being M.I.A. Previously, we learnt via the record label that Jaeyoon was  having health issues and won’t be promoting with the rest of the members for the mini album, but another single’s out and she’s still not promoting. Is it that she’s waiting for the next mini album to return, or is she not returning at all? I’m beginning to think that this girl was dealing with issues far beyond ‘health’ and took the higher road, you know, the one that says ‘screw  you I’m out!’ Whatever the case, the label needs to clarify in order to ease the curious minds of Chocolat’s fans and come clean with whether or not Jaeyoon is really sick or was booted. If you have no idea who Jaeyoon is please refer to the video below:

Oh by the way, can they stop focusing so much on Tia just because she’s the main dancer, that’s totally unfair to the other members. You get me!

What do you think about Chocolat’s “One More Day?”

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