Jin Akanishi Finds Time To ‘Takeover’ & Get Married?

It’s definitely quite sudden, and somewhat of a horrific shock for fangirls, but according to various news sites as well as the singer’s management company, Jin Akanishi is indeed getting married. Why am I posting this? Well, it intrigues me how one artist could be working so hard without slowing down and still find time to get married, much less have any sort of relationship. I mean, he’s probably very busy with his upcoming North American shows, as well as with the promotion of his singles. Also, because of how hard some of his fans are taking it. I’ve read how girls are feeling depressed and heartbroken as if they were in a relationship with the man. But let’s be realistic here, he’s just a good-looking performer but as normal as you and I could possibly be. Am I disappointed that he’s off the market? Not in the least. I wasn’t caught in a fantasy world like most. However, don’t you think that entertainers (particularly young male entertainers) who get married somewhat  causes a depreciation of their fanbase? I think so.

To back up the previous question and answer, I’ve had friends who lost interest in male entertainers as soon as they declare themselves ‘off the market.’ My girls would often say “who, him…he’s married so I can’t drool over him anymore.” Basically its like once they tie the not some fans no longer relate with their songs about being single and having a good time because now all you’ll be thinking is “isn’t he married? so why is he singing about being single and lonely?” I’m just stating what I’ve heard people. No need to take offense. Anyways, back to Jin.

I’m not exactly an avid follower of Akanishi and only recently started due to his efforts in the States. However, I sincerely wish him the best and whether or not this is a shot gun situation, any two people taking the next step towards commitment should always try to make it work cause divorce is expensive. That’s just my opinion.

What do you think, is Jin Akanishi getting married for love or due to other circumstances, and how will this news affect his career?


5 thoughts on “Jin Akanishi Finds Time To ‘Takeover’ & Get Married?

  1. There is something a little different on how Asian pop stars pretend to not be in a relationship and then BAM!! They are married. They spend years pretending to not be in a relationship so that fan girls will drool all over them and so they can sell more records/t-shirts/lunch boxes, etc. In the West, you know guys like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber have girlfriends. There is not such a big disappointment when they get married because you already see them in public with women. It kind of breaks the fantasy of girls wishing they could be with these guys. You see the reality that the pop singers in the US have girlfriends already. When they get married, they don’t loose their fan base as much. When Asian male stars get married, they loose a huge chunk of their fan base because many of the women fantasize about being with these guys. When the Asian pop stars gets married, it burst the fantasy bubble of the women. Jin always seem sleazy to me so I could care less if he is married or not. Good luck to the woman and yes…this seems like a shotgun marriage.

  2. Though I’m not the biggest fan of Akanishi, this doesn’t really change my opinion of him. I mean it’s his life, not mine though I’m betting this has to be a shotgun wedding. But who knows, only they do. I absolutely hate when fans get too attached, because honestly idols aren’t married to every single fan. But unfortunately not everyone thinks as I do and I do think his fan base will take a minor hit because many people are or were in love with his looks.

    1. “But unfortunately not everyone thinks as I do and I do think his fan base will take a minor hit because many people are or were in love with his looks.”
      -My sentiments exactly!

  3. I agree with you on all the fan girling that goes on. It’s rediculous, and if those girls were his real fans they wouldn’t be disappointed that he’s getting married or not want to be his fan. I just think a fine man is a fine man, marrie or single bymut that wouldn’t stop me from listening to their music. And who knows if he is really getting married but of he is then congrats to him, and his fiancé!

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