Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop: Crazy or Fed Up?

By now you might’ve seen the popular video on Youtube portraying a North Carolina father who’s had enough of his daughter and her inappreciative ways. It’s something a lot of parents can attest to; working hard to provide for your children and not have them respect you at all. Well, this dad has reached his breaking point with his 15 year old daughter for her nasty little post left on facebook:

Now, it is kinda creepy that he shot that poor laptop instead of just taking it away from her and keeping it for himself or even give it away to someone else in need, but he does have a point. He stated that she did something disrespectful before for which she was grounded and lost all her privileges, so you’d think she’ll learn her lesson so as not to get in trouble again. However, she didn’t. I don’t think this father is crazy, instead I think he’s heartbroken over the fact that he just spent hours out of his day fixing her laptop and even bought new hardware to upgrade it, only to come across a mean post by his daughter as appose to a thank you. Wouldn’t you be ticked off by that? Still, that poor laptop.

What do you think, are both father and daughter crazy, or does she deserve what she got?

2 thoughts on “Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop: Crazy or Fed Up?

  1. That ungrateful child got what she deserves. She needs more than bullies to her laptop though. And seriously, her dads in the IT industry and she thought blocking her post from letting her parents see was going to stop him from seeing it? Stupid much? Aish, she should be thankful that she has such a nice dad cuz anywhere else she would have gotten the belt!

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